Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Tough To Find A Good Picture Of Arlen Specter.

I was looking through Google images for a picture of Arlen Specter trying to find one to place here for this thread and you know what? It's hard to find a good picture of the man. Specter who is 80 and has battled cancer in recent years so his health is one reason many recent pictures of the man are in such poor taste or quality that it's best not to post one at all. But there is I suspect another reason besides his health concerns that good pictures of Arlen Specter are so hard to find. You see Specter despite for the most part having been (and still is) a pretty good guy is exhibit A of what becomes to those who try to please everybody while ultimately standing for nothing. You see years of doing Republican bidding while secretly knowing you're making a mistake can not be wiped away by a late life realization you were playing for the wrong team.

The Tale of Arlen Specter should be read and remembered by the lily liveried chicken shits on the left and in the middle like Earl B. Nelson and Sore Joe Lieberman playing to the republican party while claiming to represent the democratic party will only leave you friendless, out of politics and wondering why. You see Mr Nelson, Mr. Lieberman and all of you other fence sitters out there when you play the game that you are playing trying to have everybody like you you'll find like Mr. Specter that in the end almost nobody will. Republicans don't trust you and we don't want you. Go to any conservative blog, if you can stand the stench, and see what Joe's new friends are saying about Mr. Lieberman. You think they like him? Not hardly. They still remember when they called him Joe Loserman. Look at Earl B. Nelson. One of the most conservative senators in the senate in any party. Do the Republicans he has tried so hard to impress at the expense of the Democratic party like him? The short answer is oh hell no. Much like the defeat that befell Specter whom by the way is A MUCH BETTER MAN THAN EITHER NELSON OR LIEBERMAN their days of playing both ends for their own gain will eventually be their ruin.

There is another valuable lesson to be learned from Arlen Specter. All of you Democrats out there...why don't you try being Democrats for a change. Because if all you are is a Republican in donkey's clothing why should we bother? At least the Elephants stab us from the front.

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