Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jeremiah Sees Demons Everywhere...

Our old pal Jeremiah takes a small-time incident of terrorist funding and turns it into a Federal Case...literally! Document the atrocities below.

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Al Qaeda: Auto parts dealer pleads guilty to aiding Al Qaeda -

In a politically correct environment, it's a wonder that all our corporations aren't run by terrorists.
Hmm - I guess Jer doesn't have a problem with Enron chuckling about screwing Granny over on her electric bill, or Halliburton/KBR building shoddy showers that electrocuted troops overseas, or Wall Street peddling investments they knew would fail to an unwitting public. To him, that's Capitalism, not the predatory behavior - economic terrorism, if you will - which it is. His statements will hold water on this front when he can tell me in convincing terms just what marvels Big Business has wrought for HIM, lately. They're the true domestic terrorists, IMO.
However, that is the path that Obama wishes to lead America down. Through his communistic vision for America and through Islamic groups which he is working hand-in-hand with. This is what he meant whenever he talked about "fundamentally transforming America," or "CHANGE."
Facts, Jeremiah, facts! Who are these "Islamic groups" with whom you claim Obama is in cahoots? Evidence? Even sustainable rumor? Because your saying it doesn't make it accurate, any more than my teenager saying "You don't understand me!" in those desperate tones is accurate just because she believes it to be true.

And, come ON, pal. "Change" means installing terrorists at the helm of industry throughout the nation? Puh-leeze. What dictionary and thesaurus are you consulting? (On second thought, never mind - you've been hanging at Conservapedia, haven't you? All the falsified facts and history you need, on demand...) Change might just have meant, you know, a few things like...reducing taxes for most of the country, repudiating torture, equal pay for equal work, ensuring accessible and affordable health care for everybody. And you think those are terrorist values? Dude, what are you smoking?
I could say that I didn't think America needed changing...well, that would be true, say 55 years ago.
Ah, yes: 1955 was clearly the apex of all that was best in our national character.
America changed 47 years ago...
1963? You mean, the year that all this happened? Or are you talking about JFK's civil rights legislation? But, sorry to interrupt, Jer: do continue.
...whenever they changed our public school system into an atheist-based system of education, and that was the worst thing that could have happened for America.
Putting aside the imprecision of "whenever"... Aha! It must have been this, then. Bad, bad Supreme Court to assert that schools aren't churches! Jeremiah slaps you with his holy hand of righteousness!
Why? Because communism is a result of atheism! Did you know that? Yeah!
No, I didn't know that, Jer. Communism is a broad-brush political philosophy. Atheism is an individual's personal rejection of religion. Saying "Yeah," even with an exclamation point (!), is not enough to logically connect the dots between the two. As above, your saying it does not make it so. Please consider some remedial courses in constructing a convincing, factual argument for your point of view.
That is how the ACLU, along with the American Atheist's Association planned to change America to an atheistic nation, and we are a comprised of mostly atheists in this nation...oh, many will say they are "Christians" but they live like atheists everyday - taking pride in money, their homes, their cars, just everyday materialistic things above or before God.
OK, now you're getting somewhere, Jeremiah. Beginning to eat your own. Going after all those "so-called Christians" who aren't following your own narrow-minded, bigoted, stick-up-the-ass agenda. Please. Devour your own base. We'll watch.
Glenn Beck had a good show on yesterday (May 18) where he talked about how the secular forces of our government are merging with, or working in conjunction with the church in many aspects to bring about a takeover of churches all across America with his guests Dr. Peter A. Lillback and Jerry Falwell's son. Dr. Lillback wrote the book 'Sacred Fire,' I haven't read it yet, but intend to purchase a copy.
Good for you. I'm sure your purchase will help Dr. Lillback enhance his monetary situation, household status, automotive capability, and materialistic profile beyond what he already receives from his academic position and his speaker's fees from the Center for Christian Business Ethics and his Fox News contributor/guest honoraria as he opines on the Calvinist imperative to give a decent day's effort for a decent day's pay. In fact, I'm sure he will pray for you all the way to the bank.

Also, it's an oxymoron to include the words "Glenn Beck" and "good show" in the same sentence.
This merging, however, of many churches with the secular society is a dangerous move...of course, this has been evident for many years now in the way that many churches don't preach truth, standing for abortion and homosexuality, taking from the rich and giving to the poor, etc.
Oh, yeah, that taking from the rich and giving to the poor - so damned un-Christian, I don't even know where to begin.
Mr. Beck talked about this with his guests yesterday, and like Dr. Lillback said, "Where in the Constitution are the words social justice? can't find them, because they're not in the Constitution." And I would also add abortion to that - where in the Constitution can you find the word's not in there. As a matter of fact, Roe v. Wade violates the fourteenth Amendment, and contained within its wording are these words - No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property.
You remind me of a moment in the film version of "1776" - the Pulitzer-Prize winning musical commissioned for the U.S. Bicentennial, chronicling the often awkward and contentious birth of the Declaration of Independence - when, in debating the Declaration that has finally come to the floor, one delegate comments "Nowhere in this document do you mention deep-sea fishing rights..." and the rest of the Congress groans in weariness. You hold the mythological perspective that the Founders should have been all-knowing and all-seeing, should have envisioned the 21st century while writing their documents in the 18th, and enshrined anything and everything then and there, for time immutable, unchanging, rather than creating a living, breathing document that would, and should, evolve over time.

Oh, sorry. I forgot. That word "evolve" is a foreign language to you, isn't it? You want to go back to women being unable to vote, black people being 3/5 of a person...but you might let that little thing called Prohibition slip through the cracks, because you like it, right? Selective amendments, thy name is Jeremiah.
With innocent persons the wording of the fourteenth amendment is unconditional, and no law whether created by the Supreme Court or our representatives can supersede it.
Hmm - sounds like Jeremiah doesn't like the notion of due process. Why am I not surprised?
But just like people in the heading of this story who are permitted to have entry into our country who are terrorists, we also can see in the abortion issue, that political correctness mingled with Supreme Court decisions is a toxic and very dangerous mix.
You seem really hung up about the Supreme Court in this latest diatribe, Jer. Could it be, perhaps, that a nominee of whom you disapprove has been put forward recently by a President of whom you disapprove even more? Sorry. It can't be The Scalia Show, 24/7, as much as you might wish it so. By the way, Calvinist that you are, how are you not up in arms that the makeup of the Supreme Court is shaping up to be increasingly Catholic and Jewish? Inquiring minds ask in wonderment.
Thankfully this person who was aiding our enemies has been caught and apprehended. Hopefully he will go to prison and stay there.
Astonishingly enough, in conclusion, I agree with you, Jer. This single, small-time auto parts dealer who sent, gee, thousands of dollars to Al Qaeda - that's gonna go far in terms of global terrorist activity! - should be convicted and jailed. But for you to use his malfeasance as an excuse to advance your own homophobic, bigoted, messianic a rationale to crusade for your worldview to trump everyone and anyone else's? That's a stretch even for you.

Why not admit for once that it's not about atheism, Obama, communism, abortion, or any of your scary, looming threats? Maybe this time it's simply about a clumsy terrorist sympathizer in Kansas City, for crying out loud, who owned up to his own stupid behavior and is reaping the consequences.

You don't do your point of view any favors by being such a chickenshit in everything you post. The world is not out to get you, Jeremiah. Chill out, won't you?


Anonymous said...

Jerry is living proof of something I have said about many conservatives. They don't see everything as black and white they see everything as black.

theroachman said...

Its also oxymoronic to say secular forces are working with the church to deystroy the church and make it secular.

Of coarse its ok for Iraq to be secular because the RW church people there believe in Ala which is bad.

Next them RWers will say that Miss America is a fundy Islamafacist.

Which well they are today, actually.

Sad little dolts will only be confused when their RW muslum nut cosins put some sort of fatawh (sp?) on Miss America for showing herself in public.

Anonymous said...

Roach Miss America's crime was poll-dancing. You ever been down I-35 in Texas? You see 3 signs.

Jesus saves
Abortion is Murder
The Best Gentleman's club and prettiest Girls in Texas turn right at the exit 3 miles.

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