Thursday, May 6, 2010

Now Leprosy Lou Is Now The Ultra Right Wing Hack He's Always Dreamed Of Being.

I wonder are there still good liberals on Newshounds and DU that love and worship this guy because he makes them feel all better about the problems of the world because he helps them believe they're all caused by pedro and not by you?

Yes on his website "Mr Independent is taking up the cause of the teabagger, talking about how great the news laws in Arizona are and linking to Michelle Malkin (because nothing says independent like that Michelle Malkin. Hell maybe Dobb's thinks his love for Malkin proves he isn't racist?) and bemoaning the "lamestream media" Do any of these right-wing fuckers have an original thought ever?

What of course makes Dobbs bitching about the media so funny is it's the"lamestream" that made this fucker a name in the first place and keeps him caviar. Without the media this guy would be just another white racist out whining his way through the world bitching about his misfortune of having two white parents. Yes with the out the media this guy would be another Captain Teabag posting on left-wing sites as a "moderate" while posting on right-wing sites as a far right loon only blowing his cover when the subject of race is mentioned. Other people have the luck of having parents who aren't White so why must he and Sean Hannity have to suffer the horrid burden of being 100 White? it's a burden that Dobbs will take to the grave with him.

I'll ask again, not that I expect an answer, all of you good liberals who thought this guy was just the greatest 4 years ago how do you feel about him now?


et said...

Never gave a shit about Dobbs then, certainly don't now. He was a waste of broadcast spectrum, IMO.

Anonymous said...

I know you were one of the many who felt that way but sadly there were many otherwise smart people who were taken in.

et said...

I think a lot of these pundits really have no genuine convictions at all...just in it to make a buck or several million.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what set Boobs off.

For a while, once in a while, I did like him reporting news.


But then he went on to become a hand down shit flinging Baboon.

Yes. He became a birfer and teabagger.

Which again makes my point. Even the Baboon DOES NOT approve of the birfers. But Boobs insisted in his idiocy.

On the teabagger side, Boobs came late to the party. The Baboon caught it early and run off for the cliff.

Pretty good entertainment.
Pass the popcorn.


theroachman said...

There is an aspect to that racist AR law I like. Maybe those stuck up white people who don't have a clue as to why their food is so cheap and have no clue as to how precarious our food system state really is will wise the f-up

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