Monday, May 3, 2010

Boston Vs Cleveland Game 2.

Boston flat out blew game 1 so this is a very important game. However as expected Boston was going 5 on 8 Saturday night as Cleveland shot 31 free throws to Boston's 21. The fact that Uncle Davey is there in person to blow Lebron himself in front of the sold out Quicken Loans Arena doesn't inspire much hope that tonight will be better.

Kevin Garnett is 6'11" and 253 pounds. How he gets thrown to the ground with nary a foul call is beyond me.

I am telling you Anderson Varejao is Carlito Cool

Now the refs are picking up the pace for their Cavs. 3 fouls on Pierce.

Goaltending now apparently legal.

Boston 14 fouls called Cleveland 4.

Now KG has 3. amazing.

In-spite of the horrendously one sided officiating Boston is up 52-48 at halftime.

Traveling now apparently legal.



Jonathan said...

If Boston can' win tonigh, this series is over.

Anonymous said...

Good news Boston 83 Cleveland 60 after 3. Bad news? Nobody blows more of these games than Boston.

Come on Boston don't piss this away now.

This will pretty much be the biggest fucking piss down your leg job in the history of the NBA.

Boston wins 104-86. Should have won game 1. Have to feel good about getting the split.

Cleveland 38 Freethrows Boston 18. Now for the series 69 Freethrows for Cleveland 39 for Boston.

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