Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am a firm believer in the Kenny Rogers school of counting your money after the hand is over but Boston is up 2-0 over Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals after their 95-92 win tonight and now the series goes to Boston.

Vince Carter a 80% Free Throw shooter missed 2 free throws with 34 seconds left and Orlando down 3.


Anonymous said...

Over on Paul Pierce's twitter page there was a tweet left saying something like "get out the broom" as a good friend KWAPT and other members of the Count's favorite Celtics blog point out that Pierce's twitter page has been hacked.

For one thing the tweet was posted while Pierce was giving a press conference that was on TV and at no point did Pierce make a tweet. For another Paul Pierce would know that game 3 isn't until Saturday. The hacker on Pierce's twitter page has posted they will win game 3 on "Thursday"

ESPN being that fine facts optional media outlet it's always been is running with the tweet as fact even though evidence would suggest it's a fake. Could it be ESPN is somehow involved as a last ditch effort to make something out of this series?

et said...

Not a follower of this at all, Count, but I wish your chosen team well!

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