Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Uh, no.

Who knew there were commandments on sexual intercourse with one's partner? Most of the advice sounds great, until they got to commandment no.5:

Thou shalt find his P-spot

The majority of women and men are aware about what is known as G-spot of a woman however, most of them don’t know much about male P-spot. Men do have a P-spot, which is located next to urethra and prostate. It may be difficult for women to locate the P-spot of their male partners. You can do it by putting your finger in his anus and moving it around the rectal wall. If you locate a walnut sized object, it is the much touted pleasurable zone known as P-spot..By massaging it slowly, you can make your man go wild with sexual pleasure.

Ladies, I can't stress this enough: we want to make sweet love to you, not feel like we're taking a prostate exam.


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Anonymous said...


Erogenous zones include ALL of your body.

Your lady nibbling at your earlobe, a foot massage, even a hand massage can be AWESOME.

But going to the Mark Koldys is not cool.

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