Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Some thoughts on tonight's game.

Tonight was a reminder that the only real difference between David Stern and Vince McMahon is McMahon admits his product is scripted and his referees are all just a part of the act. Stern isn't nearly as honest nor does he have the integrity.

Dwight Howard is the dirtiest mother fucker in the league and is allowed to be so. 2 players tonight for Boston were knocked out of the game with Concussions including one who ways nearly 300 pounds. Dwight Howard has been allowed to use his elbows as a weapon this entire series with no repercussions. Meanwhile Boston may be with out it's center because he tried to help a teammate up.

Goaltending is now legal. Might as well be it's never called.

Boston's announcers were confident that one or both of Perkins bogus Technical fouls that got him kicked out of this game and Friday's game will be rescinded thus allowing him to play Friday. Don't count on it. Yes both T's were a joke and a sure sign that this game was decided before it even started but the NBA clearly wants Orlando back in the finals.

Finally this and I know I'll get in trouble for this comment but it's fact. Who was the official who through Perk out tonight with the 2 bogus T's? Eddie F. Rush. What color is he?

Who is the other official with a well know anti Boston bias? Bill Kennedy. What color is he?

Is it just a coincidence that these two men are both Black and have such a huge anti-Boston bias which compromises their professionalism and tonight lead to a victory for the other team? I don't think so. Many African Americans have historically seen the Boston Celtics as a white basketball team that represents White establishment. In fact an ESPN "journalist" was suspended for writing that she still hated the Boston Celtics for representing the White Establishment.

Conversely senile Joe Crawford is whiter than a Cue Ball and he certainly also delighted in fucking Boston high and hard tonight so it's certainly not just a race thing.

Friday night will be huge. I'll say this to Boston you've already been through a game where you got fucked over every way possible and still found away to win going away in game 2 in Cleveland. You have to find that mindset Friday night. Stern and his boys are out to put Orlando in the finals you know it and I know it. Fuck 'em and beat them anyway.

They have to re-establish their defense. The last two games it's as if the suns or Lakers have taken over their bodies.

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