Thursday, May 20, 2010

On Arlen Specter

The Count has left his feelings on the out-going Senator from Pennsylvania after getting crushed by the challenger, Congressman Joe Sestak, so allow me to throw in my 0.02 cents on Specter.

Like Joe Liberman, Arlen Specter is an opportunistic rat. We all know why Specter switched sides: he would've been in the same position he is tonight, on the outside looking in. The bet was that if he changed pary affiliation, in exchange for being a good Democrat, he would recieve support by the Obama White House and perhaps retain his seat. Was there any truth when he gave his reasons for leaving the GOP, that the party left him? Some, but the polls told him he would have been screwed if he stayed any longer with the Republicans.

Specter may have been a rat, but he's the reason why the Stimulus Package passed. He's a big factor into why we have an overhall in the nation's health care system. He even opposed Bush's warenless wiretapping when he was cacusing with the Republicans. He was more of a Democrat than Lieberman ever was or will be.


Anonymous said...

So we pretty much agree.

Jonathan said...

Yeah. I would also add that at 80 and after battling cancer, it is time for Specter to step aside.

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