Saturday, May 22, 2010


Kansas State after being offered a boat load of yen approached Nebraska about moving the game scheduled in Manhattan in October to the first week in December of 1992 and playing it in Tokyo. A couple memories I have of this game that these highlights brought back. The game started at 9PM mountain time. That damn band they brought in played through out the game. And Nebraska needing a win to go to the Orange Bowl played less than stellar but got the job done. Listening to the fans they do seem to know when to cheer but I don't know how much of the game they understood.

This is written in the 1993 Nebraska media guide...

Sunday, Dec. 6—Game Day. Nebraska defeated Kansas State 38-24 in front of a crowd of approximately 50,000. Kickoff was 1 p.m. in Japan, but 10 p.m. in the states. Approximately 250 Nebraska fans attended. The crowd picked a team, then cheered for good plays, good yell squad routines and great songs of the band, which played throughout the game. After the game, many members of the staff and players enjoyed getting out of the hotel and visiting local restaurants for the first time. A McDonald's quarterpounder with cheese cost approximately 800 yen, or approximately $6.40.

Now if I am in Tokyo I don't think I'd go for a McDonalds QTR Pounder that I could eat in Nebraska be it.

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