Thursday, November 11, 2010

Would Jonathan Root Against San Diego If Dan Fouts Was Head Coach Of The Other Team?

Ok that's maybe a bad example since Fouts retired before he was born but I ask the question because Kansas comes to town Saturday night to play Nebraska and they are coached by one Turner Gill Husker legendary Quarterback and longtime assistant coach.

There are actually some Nebraska "fans" who are saying that they hope Kansas wins because of Gill. They are going to root for him. Fuck that shit! I love Turner but Saturday night I hope his team gets it's ass kicked. I almost wish Gill was a prick like Warren Powers and called Tom Osborne a Red Headed Son of a bitch. Cheer for Gill when he gets introduced and give him a hand when he leaves but in between root for Nebraska to kick his ass real bad.

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Jonathan said...

It would be hard for me to go against Dan Fouts if he coached for another team...except if he coached the Raiders.

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