Friday, November 12, 2010

Nebraska Vs South Dakota Basketball Real Time Thoughts

Given the weather I am guessing there will be plenty of good seats available for this game.
Speaking of the weather. It's 36 degrees with a windchill of 26. It's been windy all day and rainy the rain has now turned to snow. I know you say but Count you live in the Midwest and it's November it should be like that. Tis true. The problem is until late last night when the weather turned we have had maybe...maybe 5 days with temperatures 50 or lower. and a string of days where temperatures were often in the 70's that lasted for months. So this has really came from nowhere and is causing more of a shock than it maybe normally would.

Which is why you are getting real time thoughts on this game that I know you care so much about. What the fuck else is there to do right?

I am interested to see this Almeida kid from Brazil. Dude is the size of a house. They say he is athletic despite his appearance I can't see how he plays more than 10 minutes before he is huffin and puffin.

Greg Sharpe and Eric Piatkowski calling the game so it's a local broadcast. Pike is getting better as an announcer he no longer talks to the guy in his ear piece at least.

Gallegos, Walker, Diaz, Standhardinger and Ubel starting for Nebraska. Can't believe Ubel is a starter but what the hey.

And as expected the Devaney is empty.

So far Ubel has missed an easy shot and had a turnover.

First TV timeout 5-4 South Dakota. Nebraska looks Nebraska.

Truck is in the game! Nebraska is awful.

Hey 3ptr from Nebraska wakes people up.

Truck makes a layup and a tap in.

No Larry The Cable Guy you're not funny.

Brandon Ubel is heard from.

WAY TOO MANY turnovers from Nebraska.

They've changed the forecast for tomorrow night it's now not expected to be all that bad.

Truck is getting his points, I think he has 8 now. Make that 10. He's actually pretty good.

Nebraska is playing better on the offensive end. Now they have to get the D going.

Ok Nebraska get's a little lead then they go to shit. This team has to learn to step on some throats.

Bear Jones hit's a three picks his nose.

I don' like seeing South Dakota getting offensive rebounds.

Just guessing Doc won't be happy with the Defense. Nebraska 36 South Dakota 31. Halftime.

My bad Doc says defense not so bad.

Nebraska starting this half aggressive getting to the foul line and they are making the Free Throws. 42-31 Nebraska. Now put the foot down boys.

Ubel missed two point blank layups in a row.



Ask and you shall receive.

And he scores.

So I guess I should put my Big 12 picks here. Last week a lousy week for my picks 2-4. Season overall 63-15

Nebraska 52 Kansas 10
Missouri 38 Kansas State 24
Iowa State 34 Colorado 20
Oklahoma 37 Texas Tech 20
Oklahoma State 45 Texas 21
Texas A&M 42 Baylor 28.

Ameida has been awesome this game I am sorry I doubted the truck.

That was a really poor stretch of basketball by Nebraska.

Truck is going to shoot free throws

Nebraska blows alley-oop. Anyway Nebraska's inside game has been really good tonight against this zone.

Spud keeps staring at me. I am not sure what he wants.

Pike ripping on Creighton for not having football. Cool beans.

Too many turnovers.

This game is treading water right now. Nebraska is in control but can not pull away. 72-60 with about 3 minutes to go.

Nebraska has done a nice job from the line tonight.

Diaz still has to get stronger.

Timeout Nebraska lead down to 8. Can not put teams away.

Final Score Nebraska 76 South Dakota 68. Kinda shitty down the stretch. I wouldn't book my final 4 trip just yet.

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