Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Open Thread

Just got back from my Brothers where we had a very nice dinner. As I have said before I am no fan of Turkey but the right amount of Gravy makes it's all alright.

Going to go take a nap now. Hopefully I am up in time for The Texas-A&M game. If so I'll do real time thoughts here. If not well...not.

Anyway Open thread for all the good girls and boys.

I tell you I am shocked Mack Brown stop sucking cock long enough to do TV interviews.

Speaking of cock A&M likes to grab cock...

I know what you're thinking wow he grabbed his dick that had to draw a flag. it drew 2. both on Nebraska.

And A&M missed a field goal by about 50 yards.

Mack brown takes the cock out of his mouth to bitch to the officials. ESPN thinks it is funny. No double standard there.

Tony Jerard-Eddie better known as dick grabber leaves game hurt. Unfortunately it doesn't look very serious.

7-0 Fuckers from Austin.

oh somebody just tweeted to me #Jerard-Eddie should be on a local sex offender. Alias: Tony Jerard-Cock Gobbler. #Beebe is his sponsor.

that's a little strong but hey he's the one who likes pulling other dudes junk
Fumble dick grabers

cocksuckers recover

the announcer says

Mack Brown (Texas coach) likes to tweak little things

I said all he has to do to tweak something little is pull down his pants.

Cocksuckers just fumbled it back to the dick grabbers.

Touchdown Dick Grabbers. 7-7.

The posts that are in black are posts I wrote in a PM.

Cocksuckers throw interception on the first play of the second half. 7-7.

Dick Grabbers make a 50 yard field goal. 10-7. Fuck 'em both.

Cocksuckers fumble the ball Dick grabbers recover.

Touchdown Dick Grabbers 17-7.

More penalties tonight against Texas than I have seen called on them all year.

Dick grabbers fumble a punt and the Cocksuckers have some hope.

Touchdown Cocksuckers. 17-14.

And the dick grabbers respond a huge run 24-14. Texas sucks.

Dick grabbers get a punt blocked but Cocksuckers can only manage a field goal 24-17 Dick Grabbers.

Craig "Pony" James just said it's hard to touch the wind with the touch of your balls. That must suck for A&M touching balls is the only way they can judge anything.

Cock grabbers intercept a Cocksucker pass and that may end it. No bowl for Texas?

A&M nearly fumbles and now has to punt with 17 seconds left.

What a perfect way for the Texas Cocksuckers season to end. the dick grabbers punted the ball away the cocksuckers chose to get away from the ball instead of fielding it thus letting the clock run out.

24-17 Texas A&M Dick Grabbers final score.

5-7 Texas Cocksucksers. No bowl for you!

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