Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nebraska Cornhuskers And The Girl Who Was Asking for It.

Edit Since This says it better than I did and holds out the comparisons that even I wasn't comfortable with i'll repost it here. The original can be found at Husker Max...

Scott Kelly, Sacramento CA

Like anyone wearing Red I was miserable last night. Miserable that the team played poorly and furious at an inept officiating crew (that’s being charitable). As we watched my wife and I shook our heads and said what most people must have been thinking… “Bo’s going to blow a gasket.” He didn’t disappoint.

This afternoon I read an AP story where Harvey Perlmen got out in front of the “firestorm” by making it perfectly clear that “it’s something we’ll have to address with Bo.” In short, Perlman headed for high ground and distanced himself from his head coach. The civil Pearlman now stands in stark contrast with the volatile Pelini but not only in the way you might be thinking. When things got tough Bo had his players’ backs, Perlman didn’t. Before the chancellor reacts too strongly let’s remember that the Bo’s number one responsibility is to develop character in over 100 young men. Thinking back to the wild scene in College Station can you recall a single incident where a player acted out or was seen throwing a fit in front of the cameras ??? No, barring what everyone now considers a justifiable act by Ben Cotton, the players conducted themselves exactly the way Perlman would have wanted. More importantly I believe they conducted themselves exactly the way Bo has taught them… play the game and leave the officials to me.

I played college sports and I’d bet every player that you’d care to ask would tell you that they want the coach to have their back. Sometimes that means shielding the media and the fan base and all of the time it means fighting their fights so that they don’t have to. Like it or not, that’s what happened last night. Bo fought their fight, check that, Bo fought our fight for us. No, I don’t like seeing him with his finger in Taylor’s chest nor do I like seeing his veins popping as he lights up the side judge. On the other hand, I’m not so foolish as to think that those scenes were spontaneously captured for the TV audience. The truth is that if you put a camera on every coach in the NCAA, you’ll get a highlight reel that will make a sailor blush. Bo’s problem, at least his current problem, is that the press has decided to characterize him as a hot head and they have obviously made reinforcing it part of their production plan.

Bo’s a young guy. Clearly he understands that he has some issues and he freely admits that he has a lot to learn. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m happy to have his back while he does. We are blessed to have Tom Osborne at the helm and I have every confidence in his ability to shepherd Bo and all of our coaches toward being their best. While he does, I’d suggest that the Big 12 clean up its house, the players focus on what lies ahead, the fans take a deep breath and Harvey Perlman work on phrases like “no comment” or “that’s between us”. That’s the real high ground.

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