Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Understand Bi-Partisinship But...Fuck Bi-Partisinship.

I am sorry go ahead and disagree with me tell me we need to reach across the isle but when I see Barack Obama appointing clowns like Alan Simpson I seriously wonder sometimes Why we bothered to vote. I thought we voted for Obama because we decided that the ideas that were coming from people like Alan Simspon were not only not working they were killing us. Now Obama has appointed Simpson to his "deficit" commission and his suggestion is for Americans to work until they are either dead or look like him.

Alan Simpson. I didn't vote for Obama to implement this man's ideas.


et said...

I confess to a fair bit of this recent pre-caving on preserving tax cuts for the uber-wealthy. There seems to be this relentless insistence on doing everything via legislative process under the guise of some kind of non-existent "comity" ... whereas some campaign pledges, say, ending DADT, could be dealt with by a simple executive order to cease enforcement of the policy. What is Obama afraid of? Criticism from the right wingnuts? Hate to break it to him, but that's going to happen whether or not he does anything of conviction and substance, so he might as well be ALL about the latter.

Not that I don't get that he and his team have actually accomplished a LOT. Health care, diluted though it be, is huge. So why not set a brass band loose to trumpet it to the world? Sometimes "Aw, don't mention it" really is not the right response.

All I can say is that I voted for someone prepared to roll up his sleeves...not smooth down everyone else's cuffs.

Anonymous said...

Bi-partisanship? Two parties don't suffice! Time to reinvigorate the Troll Party and Ralph's campaign blog.

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