Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Much Crazy, So Little Time...

For variety's sake, I thought it was time for a little old-fashioned fundie-debunking tonight! Trouble is, over at Fundies Say the Darndest Things, I couldn't choose just one... So join me, boys and girls, as we tiptoe through the wasteland. It's not unlike strolling the aisles of your local Wal*Mart, just with less cheap plastic crap from China.

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Let's start with this post, railing on the horror of encouraging the use of condoms:
Just as there is a direct, organic link between artificial birth control and abortion (do the math -- birth control causes abortion), there is a direct link between the use condoms and the spread of AIDS. Since the US funds population control in African nations, it is funding AIDS.
There are such wide gulfs between the things this poster is trying to link together, it's all but impossible to imagine the sick [sic.] degrees of separation he's trying for. Birth control plus math equals abortion? How does anybody with a shred of sanity get there? And I'd be fascinated to hear an explanation of how condoms spread rather than contain AIDS, but I suppose lvb-rocks had something much more urgent to do, like pray for rain...or a winning lottery ticket...

Let's turn now to this gem from Mr. Evilwrench (I'm guessing that's someone completely different from the folks I take my car to for service):
We're hardly worried that we're against "half" the population when it's a "third" at best, and that only because of intense indoctrination at the hands of the teachers' unions and the leftstream media.

The fact is, the hardcore left is trying to implement policies that are inimical to our very existence, never mind just our interests. You can't compromise with cancer, and you can't compromise with communists. We do not seek to compromise with these psychopaths, and we do not welcome their offers of compromise. It's time for the adults to be in charge.

Name calling works both ways. We've been called all sorts of things by people who then show themselves to be contemptible, so we have no compunction calling them names in turn. For me, the terms "leftards" and "rats" are extremely polite compared to what I think of them. I would pound them into a bloody pulp if that wouldn't be improper. I think they deserve it for what they've done, and they're lucky I'm so polite.
OK, we begin as expected, with demonizing public schools and the media as to blame for kids who turn out to be shits. (Mirror, meet parent: parent, meet mirror.) But then just look at the cognitive dissonance that sets in.

"Policies that are inimical to our very existence" you suppose he means health care accessibility, or the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Act? Because, you know, being able to maintain your good health without artificial bureaucratic obstacles, and being assured you'll be as well paid as any other equally qualified candidate for your efforts...well, if there were ever two policies running completely counter to my existence, those would be them. Not.

But I was laughing out loud when he started talking about pounding those with whom he disagrees into mush, if it "wouldn't be improper." That's like saying you'd take an automatic weapon to the entire City Council if it wouldn't run counter to good manners. How can you remotely begin to square those two? I guess by claiming later on how "polite" you are. Since, you know, saying it makes it true.

I'm going to skip right over the poster who called Glenn Beck a "poor modrate [sic.] liberal" because there aren't enough psychotic breaks on the planet to begin establishing a basis for that one.

Instead, let's move on to HugsFromJesus and her deep concern for her wayward son, via her adventures on that wasteland of sin, Facebook:
I have a Facebook account only to be able to see photos of my grandson that my DIL will post. I have never posted on my FB account at all, as I don't like Facebook, I think it is the Devil's playground. I know it can be used as a witnessing tool, but i think it does more harm than good. Too many people have been hurt, the same with My Space and Twitter. People can post things as fast as they think them without filtering and with the way the world is today, so intolerant and hateful, it is dangerous.

Anyway,I looked at my DIL's Facebook today and she was high fiving Jon Stewart and saying "great job Jon"...blah blah!! Last week she was on the gay bandwagon and about how rotten the small minded people are that don't want gays together and for them to back off the gays and we are all bigots.

My son doesn't even know how to log on to FB, he doesn't do that stuff and he is very conservative. She was always moderate, but now she is going off the deep end. I don't think my son and DIL talk politics among themselves, he always says she doesn't keep up with things so he saves those conversations for our side of the family, his work friends and personal friends so I wonder if he knows how crazy liberal his wife is getting on FB.

I am upset, but all I can do is pray for her. My son is saved but he needs a strong Christian to encourage him, he has fallen away. Why he married a lapsed Catholic, I'll never know!!
She does actually say something I can agree with - that the immediacy of vehicles like Facebook coupled with an environment of intolerance can be dangerous. Though I'm sure she doesn't understand how greatly my reading of that differs...

It's the classic mother-in-law meddling of "does he know how 'crazy liberal' she is getting..." that bothers me. As though he somehow has the right and/or obligation to dictate her politics. That way lies disaster. (I say this as the sibling of a sister whose former in-laws were of a very fundie bent in this respect. Her mother-in-law would always deliberately lose board games when playing with her preacher husband, just to stoke his ego. Unbelievable!)

Keep your nose out, Mom - that's all.

And, in closing - because it's late - we'll take on a post with a refreshing brevity and, in fact, honesty:
You don't get it, do you?

We're not Homo sapiens -- we're real men.
Can't disagree at all, pal. Well, maybe with that last. But it's true enough that you have nothing remotely "sapiens" going on that I can see. Please continue flinging your own poo at one another while actual thinking people take care of business.

Remember to set your clocks back, everybody, and enjoy the extra hour tonight!


Anonymous said...

There's always time for the good stuff. :)

et said...

So there is, Count. :-)

Anonymous said...

Facebook is the devils playground?Seems to me that Facebook is what each individual with a page chooses it to be.

theroachman said...

That could totally be my Mom on the FB comments. Other then the fact she doesnt like computers and knows how 'liberal' I really am.

But the part about the marrying a 'lapsed Catholic' crazy hippy liberal... Totally true. My my still does not care for the tie-dye lady at all.

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