Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last One I Promise

What category do you fall into?

What a waste of time this website is - nothing but a bunch of Jews, blacks, commies and queers all patting each other on the back about how brilliant they are in fighting the evil Fox network and the evil Bush administration. You people are less significant than a fly on a turd. I regret the time I wasted reading this crap.
I'm finished | 06.24.06 - 9:53 pm | #

BTW Our old friend Ranger Bob was outraged by this post and told 'I'm finished" off No actually Ranger Bob agreed with it.


et said...

We have had us some classic trolls over the years, that's for sure. Remember Goob and Flatlander? gfl-whatever-his-number-was?

I'd say I miss the ol' Stomping Grounds, but I'd be lying, I fear...

theroachman said...

Troll stomping is bad for the blood pressure. Like drinking too much booze. Im good at both but choose to no longer engage in excess amount of that behavier.

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