Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some things never change or: the dumbest things said during Election Night 2010

For the firs time in months, i'm actually looking over the comments from Blogs For Why haven't I been updating on the madness of Noonan, Margolis, and their lot? Simple - it got boring. Saying Matt Margolis is a partisan hack and necon1 is Jim Crow loving racist constantly is beating the proverbial dead horse over and over again. You get it, so why repeat myself?

But Here's Mark Noonan making the dumbest comment i've read on election night: that Christine O'Donnell - the same woman who didn't know that the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the 1st Amendment were actually in the Constitution - has a better grasp on the same document than her opponent
, Chris Coons.

Mark Noonan says:
November 2, 2010 at 10:42 pm


O’Donnell has a superior knowledge of the Constitution over that twit Coons, that is for sure…
Mark, Christine O'Donnell may be a nice lady (I think she's Pastor Jeremiah's type) but she clearly doesn't know jack about what's in the Constitution, much less grasp the simple reality that although the separation of Church and State is not written into the Constitution, the importance to keep religion and government from becoming intertwined is unmistakable through the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause.

I'm also Allowing the Count to use this thread to post more batshit findings from right-wing bloggers over at B4V or over at News Hounds, or wherever.


Anonymous said...

If there have been posts from idiots on NH Ellen has done a fine job of erasing them as I have not seen any.

As for Nooner all I can say is in the state he lives in, the state he worked the hardest on, the state he imself ran for Senator! Senator Harry Reid. Once again Nooner is a loser.

RalphyFan said...

The thing with people like O'Donnell, Jonathan, is that they don't ever want to have to actually interpret what they read. Instead, they want something that they can take only literally - marching orders to follow rather than something nuanced to understand and reach their own conclusions about. It's about as minimal a level of literacy as is possible to have and still function in day-to-day society.

Thought, as someone like W would say, is hard work.

RalphyFan said...

Here's a question for the incoming Teabaggers who want so much to dismantle Social Security:

Are you willing to immediately refund me every cent that has been deducted from my paycheck over the years to fuel this program, if you succeed in your initiative? I mean, it's MY money, right? That's in large part the point of view you have campaigned upon. Why shouldn't I get it back, right now? In fact, tax-free? Because you don't care for bogus taxes that just enrich the Federal coffers at taxpayer expense.

And then there are those decades-long contributions into Medicare and such. I want them back too.

And, for both of the above, I also want my share of the interest the Fed has made on them for all those years.

OH how I want somebody to ask them this question, and to hear the convoluted, avoidance-laden response that is sure to follow.

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