Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shout Out To Yogafrog

One of my favorite blog spots is a place called Yogafrog blogspot. Hey I don't think about football all the time! Where Yoga Frog posts screen caps of many of Univision's and Telemundo's most talented reports...Ok I could judge their talents better if I could actually speak Spanish but... Since I am always at his blog pestering him I figured I'd steal this and post it here giving him a little (very little) publicity.

This is one Ilia Calderon host of Primer Impacto and one of People's 50 most sexy Latin people. I do not disagree at all.


Yogafrog said...

What's up Count? Many thanks for the kind words. Your the most active visitor and I always make a point to post some Ilia Calderon. Thanks again man...much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

No problem YF. Love your blog. Thanks for the visit.

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