Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Just Think The Term Whambulance Sucks

Really no big deal. I just cringe when I see it or read it or hear it. First time I heard it was in a WWF broadcast of all places and it was used by Shane McMahon son of the head honcho. In that setting a childish yes even stupid term was perfectly acceptable. I cringe however when I see it on a Newshounds headline. I just think man they should be better than this it's really not clever and it brings the tone of the whole board down. And I mentioned as much yesterday on the main board.

Now this is no big deal this is not a "Count is pissed" thing that used to show up on the main board taking 6 different things that I had written and putting them together to say something I never did say. Love Newshounds, think everybody is doing a great job, just think "whambulance" or any variation of it is below their standards.

Now addressing the gentleman who said I was older and less hip than he was. The first is probably true there is no doubt the second is. You'll be hard pressed to find somebody less hip than I am and honestly I couldn't give a shit less about not being hip. Is a third grade term like Whambulance hip? Have we sunk so low that "whambulance" is hip? Don't answer that it's rhetorical.

Also you may be thinking but Count childish, lowbrow, bringing things in the gutter, that's your specialty aren't you being a little well hypocritical? Yeah But even at their worst and my absolute best I don't put myself on their level of blogging not to mention importance of the work they do. So I can say "whambulance" all I want. Hell I can make a long blog post about the word if I so chose. Doesn't change the fact that the term Whambulance sucks.

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et said...

It's one of those terms that is cute and clever the first couple of times you hear it, but when it gets into or past the triple digits in usage, there's really got to be a less hackneyed way.

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