Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week Eight Thoughts From the NFL, Pt. 2

Some late thoughts about Week 8 before Week 9 starts.

* Is it any surprise that Randy Moss was cut from the Vikings? Minnesota already has one aging diva they have to put up with, so it was only a matter of time before #84 turned into a pain in the ass when the Ol' Gunslinger didn't throw the ball his way after two games - both of which the Vikings lost. Now he's going to either be a team play for the Tennessee Titans, or become the same mouthy asshole if Tennessee falters. Either way, he's someone else's problem now, and Minnesota remembered, in those two weeks, why they cut Moss in the first place all those years ago.

* Mike Shanaham has lost his mind. Last week, he pulled Donnovan McNabb in the remaining two minutes of the Redskins-Lions match, for Rex Grossman. Yes, the same Rex Grossman who was run out of Chicago on a rail, was McNabb's replacement. Washington lost that game. On Tuesday, Coach Shanaham was seen practicing with....JaMarcus Russell. I'm not sure which is more disheartning: Coach Shanaham resorting to overrated, shitty QB's to back up McNabb, or the ever-suspicious notion that Mike doesn't trust McNabb.

* After 8 weeks, we may not have a definitive favorite to go to the Super Bowl in Dallas, but we have a clear favorite for MVP honors this year: Phillip Rivers of my San Diego Chargers. Despite being on a 3-5 team, Rivers is 1st in Passing yards (2,649 yds), Average yards (8.7), and Yards/game (331.1). He's 2nd in completed passes (198), and tied with Peyton Manning for TD's (15), and comes in the top ten/top five in almost every statistical category for QB's. Rivers is taking his game to a whole new level this year, and when TE Gates, and WR's Legedu Nannee and Malcom Floyd get healthy and if the Chargers can build a winning streak within the next month, I may have to eat my own words, and that I would be very happy to do.

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