Monday, May 18, 2009

We Should Bre Watching CNN

Perhaps you all should stop watching FOX News...; Try CNN then we could bre talking about REAL news like all the lies and gaffs made by Pelosi over the CIA in the last month or so...

I do watch CNN as well as FNC and many other news programs. I've come to the conclusion that CNN is a clone of FNC: same smears, same lies, same pretty much everything else. The men are younger and handsomer, the women less so. And that's about it.

That bunker was built with ALOT of taxpayer money to keep Mr. Biden and his family safe in the event of an attack. Now it's pretty much useless.

By the way, it was Richard Armitage who blew Valerie Plame's super-duper top-secret cover. Special Prosecutor Patty Fitzgerald knew this, but ordered both Armitage and Novak to keep quiet about it - and then he went after Libby for perjury instead. It's all right there on Faux News' website ( 0,2933,213061,00.html). But don't let the facts get in the way of your liberal hysteria.

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Anonymous said...

The wonderful Paige has posted a link on newshounds to a Hollywood Republicans site that contains a list of those who are wrong (Liberal) Moderate and Right (Conservative) On this website Neal Boortz is considered a moderate and Anderson Cooper is listed as a Conservative. Think about that Cooper is more Conservative than Neal Boortz. But... But... he's you know...

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