Monday, May 25, 2009

The Outrage Game: Memorial Day Edition

Read my smackdown of Matt Margolis whip up faux outrage at President Obam over at Jonathan's Corner, and remember to leave a comment as well.


Edit From The Count: I hope you don't mind Jonathan:

Never a dull moment with partisan hack extraordinaire Matt Margolis of Blogs For Today's faux outrage against President Obama? He went golfing on Memorial Day!

Really, Barry? Really? According to a White House pool report, posted on Drudge Report:

Subject: Pool report 5/25/09

POTUS is, reportedly, golfing with Marvin Nicholson. No actual glimpses of the presidential golf game. Aides say POTUS paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

The jerk won’t let Memorial Day get in the way of his golf… sounds like Bill Clinton, who passed up the chance to get Osama bin Laden so his golf game wouldn’t get interrupted.

The president's agenda on Memorial Day:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama begins Memorial Day hosting a breakfast at the White House for families who have lost loved ones in military service. The Gold Star family members will be honored in the State Dining Room.

Later this morning, the president will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Afterward, Obama will deliver remarks at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington.

Now it is true that the president played some golf today, but Matty left out one important detail: this was after he performed his mandatory rituals on Memorial Day!

FORT BELVOIR, Va., May 25 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama relaxed on the links Monday after taking part in a Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery.

Aids said the president spent about 4 1/2 hours on the course at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Va., out of sight of a pool reporter who was kept in a roped-off area of the base PX food court. He then returned to the White House.

Obama's aides said the president paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

Obama ventured out on the course despite rain falling as his motorcade arrived on base. It wasn't disclosed who accompanied the president on his outing.

So not only did President Obama play some golf after taking part in the traditional Memorial Day service in Arlington, he even paused his golf game at 3p.m. to honor a moment of silence for the fallen veterans of the U.S. Military, just like he asked all Americans to do the same.

But since Matt wants to play the outrage game, let me throw him a 'what's worse scenario:'

What's worse? Obama playing a few founds of golf after he completed his traditional duties.......

....Or former President Bush playing the guitar and his Secretary of State Condelezza Rice going shoe shopping while the citizens of New Orleans were drowning in their homes and dying when Hurricane Katrina hit?

Please, spare me your false outrage, you fucking hypocrite.

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