Friday, May 1, 2009

Somebody Gets It On Free Speech

Again From TP:

Eugene atrax robustus Debs Says:

Really? You need this explained to you REALLY? You are THAT stupid? Because you HAVE no free speech rights to either a job OR an audience. Call your boss a fat bozo then tell him he cant fire you because of your free speech rights? Say something to a customer that puts your company in a bad light then tell your boss he cant fire you because of your first amendment. He will laugh hysterically while security comes to escort you OUT and wonder how he ever hired someone so stupid.

Why is this concept so hard for conservatives?

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et said...

Why is this concept so hard for conservatives?Because their default definition of "free speech" is "antagonistic speech" - that which is meant to be purely argumentative or provocative without recourse to facts or the nuances of the situation (like their inane notion that bad-mouthing your boss should be protected speech, in terms of you getting to keep your job no matter what you might say).

This is why the ranting of the RW talking heads gains so much traction with them. They say all the things the wingnuts would like to utter, but don't. So the wingnuts cheer them on rabidly through the comfy anonymity of the Internet, while rationalizing to themselves in real life that, "Dag-nabbit, if those nasty lefties weren't hell-bent on squashing my freedom of speech, I'd have something to say!"

One more variation on the "culture of victimhood" theme.

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