Monday, May 11, 2009

TP Has Their Own Personal Jesus

stormn00007 Says:

Mr. Steele you are right to tell Norm Coleman to hang in there. The people running the election in Minnesota are trying to pull a fast one in the hope that Norm Coleman will pull the plug.
I believe the truth will in the end come out to show Norm Coleman won the election and that the left is placing more votes in the ballet box which should never have been there. We know that the Democrats stack the deck this past election with people voting more then once using phony ID and addresses. The Demon_Rats will do anything that their leader Barack Hussein Obama will do to win and election.
You know the God like figure which the Democrats now worship with adulation. They believe he is the one. The only one which should receive adulation is Jesus Christ but Obama feels he is more deserving then Jesus Christ. Water walking Obama uses planks under the water to do his walking. Liars always dress the part. His defiant smile gives him away. The jutting chin shows he is a proud man. We know pride will follow the fall. It is just when God has enough of Obama that his fall will come quickly.
Most of you that do not believe in God here but believe in your idol Obama, you can spend eternity with the deceiver. Have fun in Hell!!!! Demon_Rats!


et said...

I find it funny that this poster couldn't even get the axiom "Pride goeth before a fall" correctly.

Godzilla104 said...

Hey, ET, he's speaking for God, so correctness is a matter of belief as far as he's concerned.

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