Friday, May 29, 2009

For Tomorrow May Rain So I'll Follow The Sun

The Beatles British CD's are going to be "remastered" and re released on September 9th of this year. Get it 9-9-9. Now on the one hand this will provide us some with high comedy. When it comes to bitching, pissing and moaning about everything Beatles fanatics rank up there with Star Wars fanatics. I can guarandamntee you that legions of Beatlemaniacs will be bitching nonstop about how the awful mix on Maxwell's Silver Hammer has completely ruined their best childhood memories.

On the other hand it leads to a tough question do I want to buy these again? Once upon a time I loved the Beatles. maybe not like I currently love Sinatra or not as much as my friend who named his son Jude, but I loved them none the less. I had all of these CD's and played them quite often. Now I do not know where they are. I gave some away I think. There are still Beatles songs I love but not nearly as many or as much.

So Do I buy these new CD's? The answer now is some of them for sure others maybe. The First 2 Beatles Albums Please Please Me and With The Beatles are the same damn album. Both are quite good neither are great. Will I buy either? I don't know.

Now comes the Beatles peak period. Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, (Yes I know this album gets bashed more than any other Beatles album I like it.) Help, Rubber Soul and Revolver are all certain purchases. Revolver and Help are to these ears the Beatles best two albums.

Next comes the slow decline, Sgt. Pepper is ok but massively overrated. Magical Mystery Tour is a better Album than Sgt. Pepper. Yes I said it. The White Album is the Beatles biggest strike out. There is some good stuff there but there is also a whole lot of pure D. Shit. Number 9 Number 9 Number 9. Spin it anyway you like much of it is trash. Yellow Submarine is dispensable. All of these CD's are in the questionable leaning towards not buying them again catagory.

The Beatles made a bit of come back with Abby Road which was their best album in years. Then they end it with the decent but not earth shattering Let It Be. Again if I don't buy them all I can see myself passing on these as well.

Finally the 2 CD's which collect the singles will be on 1 CD this time around. This CD will have some really good and some not so good but will probably be a purchase for me. Bottom line is Usually when I am on the fence I buy since these come out September 9th a day before my birthday I'll get somebody to buy them for me.

P.S. Act Naturally is a Buck Owens song covered by the Beatles not the other way around. Never mind that Buck recorded 2 years before the Beatles or his version is oh... a billion times better, somehow some still consider it a Beatles song.

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