Monday, May 25, 2009

Technical Foul

Bennett Salvatore consults with his friends on what foul to call next.

With the Lakers getting their asses kicked all night by the Nuggets Bennett Salvatore (known Tax fraud) called not 1 not 2 but 3 bogus Technical fouls on Denver down the stretch and got the lead cut down to 10 with 3 minutes to go. But instead of getting pissed this time Denver got even and closed this thing out winning 120-101. Denver you're the better team dammit! It's going to take some work but you can win Wednesday in LA and then close this thing out on in Denver. How sweet would it be to have a Magic-Nuggets NBA finals after having Kobe and Lebron 's Testicles shoved down our throats?

Baseball question for Jonathan. Not being a baseball fan I have to ask. How do you blow a 10 run lead? That's like being up 56-0 in a football game. How would you like to be one of the thousands of people who left the ball park early? assuming they showed up to begin with.


Jonathan said...

I'm still scratching my head over that one. The Rays were leading 10-0 going into the ninth, and the Indians still won. It's one of those instances of the bullpen completely melting down.

And for the record, i'm rooting for L.A. and Clevland because I want to see Kobe battle King James in the NBA Finals, but that dream matchup looks like it might not even happen, with Denver evening up the series at two and the Magic leading the Cavs 2-1.

Anonymous said...

The Little Baby Phil is really whining up a storm trying to make sure they get every call Wednesday.

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