Friday, May 15, 2009

Shit You Have To Believe To Be A Conservative

The Troops are fighting for our freedom but you should be shot for using those freedoms to express your opinion on the fighting.

We can say anything we want and if somebody is offended it either violates my freedom of speech or is a case of political correctness. However if a Liberal says something I find offensive he/she should should be hung in a public square.

Nothing Rush says should ever be questioned because he is only an entertainer how ever acts like the Dixie Chicks should never be allowed to perform again for things that they have said.

Oh hell here is basically the belief one has to have to be a conservative...

I should be allowed to do and say anything I damn well please without any repercussions you shouldn't be allowed to do and say jack shit.


Anonymous said...

There of course are plenty others like You should never call out a candidate who served in the military unless he's a democrat...etc please add your own.

et said...

Putting a magnetic yellow ribbon on your bumper means you support the troops even if you voted to send them into the field without adequate body armor, vehicles or drinking water. Putting a bumper sticker on your car that says anything peace-related means you're a filthy traitor who wants all our soldiers to die and to convert everyone in the U.S. first to Islam and then to atheism, and also that you don't want the people in the car with the yellow ribbon to own guns.

Issuing a "budget" with no numbers in it is an appropriate and laudable act, compared to issuing a budget that actually enumerates what is being spent on what and includes costs that were previously and evasively tucked aside as "emergency appropriations."

It is the height of logic and grassroots decency for "average Joes" to protest against tax policy that would put more money in their pockets while simultaneously protecting tax breaks for those making more than a quarter of a million dollars each year. Those who point out the illogic of this clearly only want to subsidize the poor, the lazy, and illegal immigrants, and especially those who very likely might fit in all three of those categories.

I'll have more...

et said...

Here's a big one. Freedom of religion means that any negative sentiments aimed at evangelical Christianity are reprehensible hate speech, while any negative sentiments from evangelical Christians toward anyone who does not share their beliefs should be accepted without question, no matter how intolerant or ill-informed.

The notion that it's OK for the U.S. to torture because (a) it's the U.S., or (b) it works, or (c) everyone was really, really scared, or (d) Bush's pet lawyers said it was all right is acceptable. The notion that no nation is above the law of common decency OR has the right to violate Geneva at will and willfully torture others, detained or not, is manifestly claptrap and anyone who holds with that kind of cheap moral high ground ought to be waterboarded immediately.

And, finally, for the Boy Scouts to sanction a sub-group that trains kids as young as 14 to patrol borders for terrorists is completely in keeping with American values like Mom, baseball and apple pie. Whereas if you object to that and suggest that maybe the Boy Scouts ought to be about less paranoid forms of public service, you are siding with the Axis of Evil and should clearly be deported.

OK, that's enough Adventures In Cognitive Dissonance for me for one evening. G'night, Count!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff ET. And all very true.

You have to believe that despite the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil happening on their watch they have and will make us safer.

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