Sunday, May 31, 2009

Morons The Birth Certificate

From 538...

Is there any public record of what hospital Obama was born in?

Was he even born in a hospital?

The secrets contained in that Long Form Birth Certificate of his that he won't reveal will do more to destroy the Dems than any of this prattle of Nate's should worry the GOP.

I am convinced that Obama was spirited into the country after his African birth (either on a Kenyan passport or without one at all -- back in the day nobody cared about a baby in arms). His mother then registered his birth after the fact, falsely claiming he was born at home.

Mrs. Obama was not careful I suspect in this. Her goal was not to assure his ability to be president. She was simply concerned with establishing his rights to the welfare that she intended to become her primary means of support.

Powerful forces are opposed to this man whose overweening sense of self confidence will be his downfall. Billionaires are having passport and birth registries checked in Paki - E - Stan, Kenya and Indonesia (his adopted country). Malevolence and greed reigns supreme in such places and it is only a matter of time before those who would destroy Obama will bribe the right person and all hell will break loose.

Conspiracies do happen for a reason.

Again, let him prove his heritage; let's start with the name of the hospital.

petekent01 (on twitter)


We don't know anything at all about this shadowy period in the President's life.

Tell me again what hospital was he born in?

Did he mention it in his two (count 'em 2) memoirs?

Why all the secrecy? It drives folks nuts -- just release the Birth Certificate.

It's all gonna come out and soon. Now he has the CIA on his azz, I suspect, as well as all the billions behind Wall Street who really don't need his protection from pitchforks! This is after all still America -- tho sadly a worse place since Obama's inauguration!

petekent01 (on twitter)

Sure make fun, but just give me the name of the Hospital. We can start there. Maybe his mother found him in a basket beside the Nile River -- but again that would make him inelligible to be Prez.

petekent01 (on twitter)

PeteKent said...

It is lie that the Long Form certificate is not available. Obama can make it available, if he chooses to.

Helen claims that the hospital where he has been born has confirmed matters. Show me.

One poster avers that he was not born in a hospital, which is my suspicion as well. It would have been an easy thing for his mother to register his birth after the fact, claiming he was born at home in HI. The Certificate that has been examined is part of the fraud. I am sure it is legit, but it does not answer anything.

Obama should be asked about this at his next Presser!

Why do you fear the truth and attack the truth seekers?

petekent01 (on twitter)

PeteKent said... Aside from Obama being a Kenyan and a naturalized Indonesian citizen . . .

. . . the thing that you all are missing is that the GOP does not pursue identity politics the way the Dems do.

We don't care if you are black or white or Latino or what have you. Our appeal is to those who believe in themselves and in their own ingenuity and have a confidence in private initiative over government intervention and hand outs.

Obama's economics is centered on a Malthusian vision of shared scarcity while the GOP has always been about increasing the pie and letting all compete for their slice.

From your side of the fence, where most of you are disgruntled losers who believe that your "gifts" have never been adequately appreciated, I am sure it appears that America is just some rich man's club and y'all have no chance of succeeding.

The many success stories and Horatio Alger tales on which our greatness was founded (including Obama’s own, a poor African boy becoming Prez of the US!), the rags to riches narratives that have dominated our history (as opposed to aristocratic Europe and the Third World) show that it is equality of opportunity and not results that matters.

The GOP historically has offered a better way. Every now and then a bump in the business cycle allows the Dems to exploit fear and come to real power, but they always muck it up and leave the GOP a golden opportunity to come back in and clean things up.

Tax and spend Obama with his command and control view of our vibrant economy will ruin things for a while. The solution is easy, if grating to the Liberals:

Reward success!

Don't punish it.

Throughout this nation the productive class is feeling persecuted in a way not since FDR. He managed to keep the Depression going for nearly 10 years! Whatever you may think of Obama's motives, I can tell you that his policies are destined for failure.

In the end it will be political ruin for you all once more.

A handful of wackos controls your party and tries to shove immorality and socialist ideals down our throats. Do not think for an instant that the American people are buying into this crap. A complaint media has sold them a bill of goods and few if any realize what is going on -- yet.

Economic deprivation and persistently high unemployment will force an examination that will throw Obama and all the rascals out.

petekent01 (on twitter
PeteKent said...


Thanks for the article on the new politization of the Justice Dept. Let the brothas rule!

Good observation on Petraeus and how he would never survive a Dem Primary campaign. They are all a buncha weackos.

petekent01 (on twitter)

PeteKent said...

For te record we nominated the liberal's fave GOP Sen with McCain the mnan who was for amnesty and we got nada for it.

The GOP does not play identity politics. It is the aprty of prosperity and opportunity, not shared scarcity.

petekent01 (on twitter)

PeteKent said...

Quik question and they I gotta go.

Why is "Gringo" okay and "Spic" and "Nigger" not?

Should we ask the superior latina Sotomayor?

Have a great weekend!

petekent01(on twitter)

By the way check out Pete's Twitter page. He really is that fucking stupid.


et said...

One of the beautiful consequences of the November 2008 election is the increasingly speedy circling of the drain that the right wing has been engaged in ever since. From budgets without numbers in them, to "urban/suburban hip-hop settings," to Rush Limbaugh renting himself out as a bouncy castle on weekends, the madness has accelerated to the point where almost nobody who is still marginally conscious can fail to notice it for what it is.

The artwork on dKos that morphed the GOP elephant into a dinosaur kind of says it all.

By the way - and I can't believe I only noticed this last week - did anyone else happen to spot that the stars in the GOP elephant logo are UPSIDE-DOWN...??? (ominous drum roll, please) It's probably past time to start the rumor that they're really a Satanic cult.

But you didn't read that here. That line is in invisible pixels, right, Count? :-D

Igor said...

How you tell when politician lie?

Comrade Pelosi blink

Slick Willy rub nose

Comrade Oboma open mouth

Dumb Donkey Gibbs laugh...Hehaw..he..haw..he..haw!

I Igor produce Barrack Milhaus Hussein Obama Birth Certificate at

Count Istvan said...

Wow Pete that almost made sense.

et said...

I think "Igor" must be the Igor in "Young Frankenstein" who chose the A.B. Normal brain. Baseless, incoherent and poorly spelled. Imagine that. A triple threat.

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