Thursday, May 28, 2009

Want To See My Birth Certificate?

Yea, the 911 conspiracy is much less far fetched than showing a $10-$12 original BC. You guys are team partisans, you've been had

Chris, if he was not born here, then he lied right? That would ruin him politicaly, correct? Ok, now what if some other entity, say Russia, Say Iran, via Pakistan (from his travels there earlier in his life), knew this valuable information and could produce evidence showing Obama a fraud, not natural born, dont you think they would play that hand and would we as a country not be vulnerable to extortion, bribary etc? The truth must be know no matter what? Arent we Americans?

Please dear God don't tell us what images you "phreak" over.

Regardless of the contraversy surrounding this issue, Gibbs nor the Obama administration have answered 3 simple questions that could end much of the contraversy:

1. What hospital was Obama born at?
2. What is name of doctor who deliverd Obama?
3. What witnesses attended Obama's birth.

The American People continue to wait for these answers.

It matters not. Obama still has not answered those 3 questions regardless of what his birth Certificate contains (although his vault copy birth certificate would contain that information). Again Obama has yet to state what hospital he was born at, the doctor who delivered him and the witnesses to his birth.

In an end note, Gary Kreep in radio interview a while back did receive information that a person from the State of Hawaii did actually see the Long Form Birth Certificate indicating he was born in Mombassa, Kenya.

The radio interview has been removed for obvious reasons, but someone saved a partial transcript of it:

“Joe? Can I break in for just a minute? Ok, Gary, I will tell you this much. I have a member in Hawaii who works uh… something like title research. You know what I’m talkin’ about?

“He has actually seen Barack Obama’s vault birth certificate. Dennis tells me that this vault birth certificate has nothin’ but his mother’s signature on it.

“It also shows that he was born in that uh… coast town… I can’t remember what the name of it… Kenya.”

Gary Kreep interjects, “Mombasa.”

The toothless Bubba continues:

“Mambosa, Kenya. Right.

“Uh, he tells me that’s why Obama will not release it and that’s why nobody’s gonna get it because when that comes out it’s gonna show that he was not born in America.

“That this birth certificate is actually produced by his mother. There’s no hospital uh, signature, no doctor signature, nothin’ on it.”

The American People will continue to Dog Obama over this issue until he releases his Vault Copy Birth Certificate.

The American People continue to wait for Obama's answers and actions.


When will Obama release his long form birth certificate showing the hospital and identity of the doctor who delivered him.

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