Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cat Fight!!! Cat Fight!!!

Credit Politics Daily

Earlier today, I detailed Mitt Romney's rather offensive remarks about Sarah Palin's inclusion on Time magazine's list of most influential people. Here's Mitt:

"I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that [Time list] would suggest," Romney said. "But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?"

Zing! Well, as Tommy Christopher noted yesterday, Palin's supporters over at the site "Conservatives4Palin" have just released a new internet ad titled "There's a Bore in the Woods" that puts varmint-hunter Romney squarely in the crosshairs. This is getting ugly. Enjoy:

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et said...

Ye gods, this is as dopey as it gets. If this is what the GOP plans to look like for the next election cycle - and nothing has yet suggested to me that it isn't - they're hastening their own extinction!

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