Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Is Crossing The Line

Spike Lee made a documentary for ESPN Called Doing Kobe Bryant...No Being Kobe Bryant... Um Kobe Going To Jail...Work something. Ok Spike Lee made a documentary on one of the most popular basketball players on the planet and it's on ESPN that I don't have a problem with, the problem is it's on all fucking night! ESPN/DISNEY which is suppose to be an unbiased sports news network is running an infomercial for the Lakers on the eve of a game 7 that their networks are covering. Don't you think this hurts your journalistic integrity just a little?

Imagine if a news network that was promoting itself as being fair an balanced had been continuously running a documentary fawning on The President Of The United States. Ok that's easy to imagine...Fox News. Congrats ESPN you are the Fox News of sports.

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