Sunday, May 24, 2009

The View From My Ass

The L.A. Lakers won tonight, taking a 2-1 series lead. The Count's gonna have a few words about that. My thoughts? They'll win the series, but fall to King James in four. The Lakers have proven to be inconsistent in the playoffs and constantly going back and forth between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde won't fly in the Finals, especially against the Cavaliers. For the Count, because he'd like this:

My Padres, after dropping six straight on the road a week ago, have swept the Reds, Giants, and have taken the first two games against the Cubs, now going for the sweep and extending their win streak to nine games. So why the heck am I not convinced that they're playing great? We're now 16-8 at home; 3rd best home record in the National League, but its the road games that scare me: an abysmal 5-16 road record. I'm not expecting much from the Friars, mainly because there's not enough on the team. The starting five lacks depth and consistency besides Jake Peavy and Chris Young, Brian Giles just doesn't have much left in the tank at right field, and the offense (excluding Adrian Gonzalez and Scott Hariston) is a joke. Maybe in three to four years Padre fans, like myself, can expect great things from this young team, but we're just living in a fantasy if we keep on thinking we're gonna give Manny Ramirez and Joke Torre a run for the N.L. West. It's not going to happen.

There's something about the losers; the loveless, socially awkward, bumbling species of young male teenagers I can relate and sympathize with....probably because I belong to that group, but I digress. Every time there's some show or movie that lays out the classic earnest-but luckless male teenager and the trials and tribulations we encounter with the female species and growing up, I can't help but say, that's me! I can totally see myself in that guy! The anime show Love Hina, is no different. The bumbling youth is Keitaro Urashima, a twenty year-old lad who's failed to enter Tokyo University twice on his entrance exam, and all-around luckless loser whenever he's tried to set his mind to anything.....and yet he's still a happy-go-lucky optimist! When his grandmother leaves for vacation, he's been given the job as manager of an all-girls dorm, but Keitaro's not welcome with open arms. The show's down-right hysterical and relate able.

That's all I got. Have at it.



Anonymous said...

The Nuggets completely blew the game last night and game 1 for that matter. I'll have more to say later :) You changed the look of the blog :)

Anonymous said...

I have a shirt with the The Lakers Logo that says "Losers" In fact I am wearing it. I got it from the great folks at Red's Army...

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