Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living Right, Living Large.

Two things of true importance. OK That's a lie...

On the local political front Omaha came through again and elected Jim Suttle over Hal Daub for Mayor. Now will Suttle be any good? I doubt it. He maybe be and empty suit like the last guy we had as mayor, Mayor Fahey. But one thing is for sure he isn't Hal Daub. Daub was mayor from 1993-2001 and he was literally the worst mayor in the country. It's tough to say what Hal's biggest accomplishment was. Was it calling Council Bluffs a "XXX" rated city when the Casinos went up and Nebraska revenue went with it turning Council Bluffs from a complete shithole to a shithole with a brand new store going up everyday all on Nebraska's dime?

Or was it his smooth move of paying the tree removal people by the pound after the freak blizzard in October 1997 which actually lead to the tree removers cutting down live trees?

Suttle did two things I give him credit for that surprised me. 1. He ran with Obama's imagery in his commercials promising to get all of the "bail out" money coming to Omaha and he had the guts to ask in his Commercials "Why would you want to go back?

It was a close election Suttle won with only about a 1,500 vote margin.

Now I must say I like Hal. Yeah he's a douche and a terrible politician but he did do something that deserves much credit. He ran the McCain campaign in Omaha and managed to lose it for the Republican party. Good job Dauby. Man First the district goes to Obama, then the Tea Bag party draws a whole 150 people now we elect a Democratic Mayor for the 3rd straight time. Fahey twice (Not much of a Democrat) and Suttle ( probably not either)


Boston played like complete monkey turds for 3 and half quarters and pretty much looked as if they had mailed in this series then in their darkest moment a hero emerged.

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy made odd decision after odd decision, Orlando chocked, Stephon Marbury had a huge fourth quarter and Ray Allen who had played so bad for most of the game I wondered if he had taken a bribe to throw the game but he made a 3 pointer with less than 2 minutes left which topped off an 11 point run and gave Boston their first lead since the first quarter. Boston held on to win 92-88 and take a 3-2 lead in a series that Orlando has to believe should be over. This was a much worse loss for the Magic than Sunday. Sunday Boston controlled the game and almost chocked down the stretch tonight Orlando controlled the game and DID choke down the stretch. If Boston finishes this series off and plays Cleveland for the Eastern Conference finals ( even if they don't) You can't deny they have balls the size of church bells. To keep winning with the injuries they have is amazing.

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