Sunday, December 27, 2009

Uber Nip Is Pissed That Deb's Family Asked For People To Make Donations To Newshounds In Her Name

Uber's other side starting to show itself

I am really saddened to hear of the passing of Deb.
I have been around for more than four years and got to the point where I could start reading a thread on the mains and know it was by Deb.

I along with almost everyone here will miss her dearly.


On the Mains, is Ellen really asking people to donate to News Hounds because Deborah died?
I can understand family members asking for donations to help in the prevention of the disease that brought down their loved one, but I've never seen an organization use the death of an associate to raise money for their own benefit.
Maybe I'm looking at this wrong and am reacting to an initial gut feeling but that just doesn't seem right.
It's like if the CEO of General Electric died of Parkinsons and GE sent out a press release saying "We would appreciate any donations you could give to help make this company become what our dear departed hoped it would be".
Hopefully I am wrong and I am missing something.
I welcome corrections.

Don't get your panties in a wad Ubernip NOBODY is forcing you to part with your money. You can continue to use it for your usual pursuits. Whiskey and Brett Favre posters.


Bill said...

You poor little child. Why do you have to lie like Fox News?
You know what you said is not true.
Nothing what I said could possibly be conscrued to mean that I was pissed at Deb's family.
Why do you hate so much. I don't think as much of myself to think that you hate only me. You just hate.
That is so sad.
You are so young and yet you hate so much.
You really should seek help.
Your hatred has gotten so bad that you keep looking for others to help you.
maybe you should step away from the internet for a week or so and experience something else.
But get some help.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you start a thread whining about contributions being made in the name of a person recently deceased and it's I who is full of hate and is childish.

I want to thank you Billy for showing your true colors. What was your first reaction? Not sympathy, not grief oh no not you. You were pissed somebody asked you to think about making a donation.

As somebody asked me privately on Newshounds even if you had a problem with what Ellen asked why would you start such a thread? What is the point?

It is who you are.

BTW stop drinking and posting. Really it does you no favors Billy.

Anonymous said...

BTW nice comparison with Newshounds and GE. I can only imagine the amount of Tennessee's finest you drank to come up with that one. So much in fact you never stopped to consider the differences between what GE makes and what the Newshounds make. Nor the amount of money GE has and the amount of money Newshounds has. Really great comparison.

et said...

I don't see what the big deal is, here. Obviously NewsHounds was important enough to Deb to devote quite a bit of her time to the project over these past years. Donating to the site in her name seems natural and normal and in no way predatory...just as you might donate to a community garden to which someone recently passed had devoted a lot of time and effort.

Even talking about it in these terms really diminishes Deb's memory. I never knew her personally (but for one conference call in which I shared marketing advice with the NH gals), but this can't have been what she would have wanted.

Maybe it would be better to save the boxing gloves for a different bout than this, guys? Just saying. Arguing about the method can't possibly equate to honoring her memory and accomplishments, which should be what we are all about right now.

Anonymous said...

Billy I didn't read your last drunken rambles.

ET: To answer your question. The big deal is I find his response telling. Not sympathy but outrage and the outrage was because it was suggested that people make a donation in the name of the recently deceased.

I know it's not just me because others have told me about how poor taste his thread was. Honestly I wasn't shocked because I know who and what he is I was happy he posted it. The more he makes these kind of post the more others will see what he is.

I agree about honoring her memory which is why I take issue with his only thought of her passing being how dare you suggest I think about making a donation?

et said...

I understand, Count. It's not at all uncommon for the family of a lost loved one to ask for donations to any given cause, in lieu of other more fleeting remembrances. I agree that the clear reference to the family's wishes in the original post seems to have been missed, in this instance, by the poster in question. And I also find the inference that Ellen was being mendacious to be distasteful.

That said, it serves no useful purpose to perpetuate the dispute. It is surely not the outcome Deb would have wished for, and at this time it just seems to me that her memory and wishes should govern the discussion, above and beyond all else.

She would have wanted us all to be bigger than this petty crap. And to behave so.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice for the most part I left this thread alone on Newshounds. I did respond but I thought about the things you are saying and decided it was best said here.

et said...

Honestly, you guys, put the gloves aside! A good and dedicated and thoughtful woman has passed. She did good work in a good cause: one which both of you respect. Neither of you does her honor by squabbling in the wake of her death.

Hang it up for now. Engage later on, on something else, if you needs must. But, for now, honor her memory as it should be honored, without all the rancor and back-and-forth.

Please put it aside. For Deb, and for me. This is not the best that either of you can be. And I would not like to think that, were I in Deb's position, the two of you would be at it in this way. In that circumstance, I would hope for unity and comity, not this sniping.

Please prove to me that you both are better than this.

Let it go.

Jonathan said...

I don't mean to be blunt, but how did this pissing match start?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be blunt, but how did this pissing match start?

Bill got mad that Ellen mentioned that Deb's family ask that you consider making a donation to newshounds in her name.

Why would this upset him? Bill is in fact a long time conservative troll who has used several different names on newshounds.

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