Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does the Count know who this dude is?

Escape Goat from the News Hounds O/T Forum says that you do.

Edit From The Count : Yup I know who he is and Goat is right. Here is what I wrote in August 2006 on Count Istvan's Castle

This is Pete Ricketts Republican candidate for the Nebraska Senatorial race and he is the first to tell you he is full of Nebraska values, morality and shit like that there

And he is also an OBVIOUS HOMOSEXUAL
And it's not like it isn't obvious Pete. I mean you are Jeff Gannon with a bank account and a small amount of pride still left intact. Think about Jeff, I mean Pete do you really want to stay in the senate race and embarrass your family? If you got elected, and the shit hits the fan, and trust me Pete it will, your entire family and all your business community friends will be hurt by the embarrassment, do you really want this? I didn't think so!

Here is the Count's advice free of charge to you. if you don't want to admit you are Nebraska's Jeff Gannon drop out of the race because your "wife and family wanted you to" then we don't have to vote for the worthless Ben Nelson out of fear that a total nut case like you could win. I tell you it's a win win situation for everybody. Or you can admit the obvious and that are homosexual and continue to run. You won't win but I would at least have more respect for you. (ok not much more, but more) Finally you can keep the charade of being Pete Ricketts family man who invented conservative morals and values and take a chance on winning only to embarrass all of your loved ones. Tell me Pete Is it worth it just to be the Senator of Nebraska and cut your taxes a little more?

Jeff Gannon Republican homosexual man whore.

Pete Ricketts Republican homosexual man whore.

*before somebody gets on here and waste my time with you are "homophobic" garbage being an Obvious homosexual is not the Pete Ricketts crime. The fact that he is damn self-hating and hypocritical about it is.


Three years later I stick by that.

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