Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Reflections on Tolerance - a Jeremiah-Inspired Expose

So, in his latest screed, our pal Jeremiah waxes philosophical about "The Culture." Which, presumably, means what "The Culture" has devolved to since its pristine, halcyon days of pious, uber-Christian purity that he so idolizes.

Deconstruction thereof, incoming.

He begins by stating that: Our society (America's) has went from a fairly stable culture, to one that is more of a mixed-bag...it got started through the establishment of tolerance for differing cultures and lifestyles.

Excuse me...did not successive waves of immigrants land upon these shores with "differing cultures and lifestyles," specifically to escape the kind of repression in their land(s) of origin which Jeremiah now seems to espouse as the dictatorial, ideal societal structure? Survival of the first as opposed to survival of the fittest, eh? Let's stir that ol' Melting Pot, Jer. So long as it only has "American" cheese in it, apparently.

He goes on to enumerate all the things he feels make up "culture." I'll spare you the gory details but just state, for the record, that there is very little therein that most of us would look upon as "cultural." He waxes lyrical on transportation, machines, tools, communications - all very utilitarian elements. Nothing at all about the things that supposedly make us "human." You know. Art. Music. Drama. Literature. For Jeremiah, "culture" is limited to expedience.

And then it comes down to that scary communication tool, the Internet: Too, the Internet helps us to communicate and socialize with different people that we most likely would never have the opportunity to in-person. Like the hammer, however, all things can be used for either constructive or destructive, positive or negative, good or bad, basically right or wrong purposes.

When we keep things in purity, and in their original state, they usually work quite well, but when mixing cultures, then that is just asking for a deadly recipe for disaster.

Oh, heavens forfend! How shall we preserve our pure selves from this scourge of Exposure To Other People's Ideas?

So Jer steps back - with some grammatical stumbles - to the beginning: American began as a Christian nation, all the Founders' and always will be, despite the liberal critics who redefine history to mean otherwise. The men who drafted and ratified our timeless Constitution, were the most honorable of Christians. [sic.]

Except, er, no. I could expound on how many of the Founders were Deists rather than Christians in the Jeremian sense, and how insistent they were that no religious test be imposed for citizenship or public office...but he would hold his breath until he turned blue while I did so, and that would be counterproductive for us both.

Jer then zeroes in on his targets: Herbert Marcuse, Margaret Sanger, and Madalyn Murray O'Hair. Marcuse, the enemy of capitalism (which of course Christ would have supported wholesale: might even have endorsed Madoff's scheme...); Sanger, persona non grata for advocating OBSCENITY! Oh, the horror; and of course O'Hair, giving prayers and Bible readings the boot from public schools which are not, after all, Sunday Schools. DAMN those uppity women speaking their minds!

From those times forward, we have seen each succeeding generation being brainwashed with ever-more grotesque and Satanic ideology. Oh, yeah, Jer. Whatever you don't advocate MUST be Satanic by default.

What we can gather from this, then, is that the goal or direction of multiculturalism is the effect that is to be had in a multiculturalist mindset of tolerance for the customs of differing backgrounds or cultures, for sexual orientation and then enforcing a code of political correctness that entails a "right to not be offended," in other words, everything is supposedly to be tolerated without reference to norms or precedent, such as the foundation of prayer and Bible reading that was established in our nation's schools with its hope and wisdom was forced out because one woman was offended, and to other things....like a cross by the side of the highway, if someone is offended by it, most usually a representative for the ACLU (Anti-Christian Lawyers Union) they seek a court order to have it removed, or if a college football team has prayer before their game-time asking God to keep them safe and keep them in good spirits, if an ACLU member sees them, they usually seek a court order to have the prayers stopped.

OK, Jer. Apart from that being the longest run-on sentence ever memorialized on this Series Of Tubes...so many illogical leaps you hurdle, here, I can barely keep up. Tolerating multicultural points of view (which I would just observe, seems to work quite well up here in Godless Canada) apparently equates to Tolerating The Gay, to assuming that one faith has an historic right to promote itself without check, while all others are to just put up and shut up...

Are we seeing a pattern of self-imposed victimization here?

From there, Jer goes on to quote chapter and verse for why he feels the need to incessantly prosyletize, and on the evils of idolatry. I'll skip the rant for the good bits: Our Educational Institutions have played the largest role in destroying this nation politically and philosophically, and who are the most vociferous proponents of multiculturalism as you can imagine, because it leads to the mixing up of cultures which leads to a polytheistic nation, which means "a belief in many gods," forcing the idea that all cultures are "equal" to each other, when in Wester Culture we know that not all cultures are ethically equal.

Dear me, that we should be a "polytheistic nation." Oh, wait! We already are! Hate to break it to you, Jer, but I went though K-12 with Jewish kids. Yeah. They took off Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. I bet you had a similar experience. Were you as outraged then as you are, now, online? Did their devotion to Yahweh over your Jesus piss you off so much at the time? Noooo, I wonder if your ire isn't reserved for all that you perceive as totally "other" than your own beliefs. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, etc. If it doesn't touch upon Israel, it doesn't belong in "Wester" [sic.] culture.

At the end of the day, Jer, you are one arrogant son of a bitch. Because you have the gall to try to dictate to others how they should live their lives according to your preferred beliefs. And, furthermore, to shunt the blame onto institutions that strive to be faith-blind, and deliver all kids a decent education rather than the Bible-thumping indoctrination you apparently would prefer.

I am newly glad that you have no children.

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