Friday, December 4, 2009

Look At This

From Wikipedia...

U.S. President George W. Bush during the 2007 State of the Union Address. Note the tinted transparent conference teleprompters on either side of his lectern.


You mean other Presidents have used them?


et said...

What?? You mean to say those aren't extra-special super mind ray deflectors shielding Dubya from the hateful notions of all those left-wing new-age bloggers trying to hex him?

I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tells ya!

Anonymous said...

So if Other Presidents and politicians used Teleprompters then my Teleprompter talking point is really stupid eh?

et said...

No, Anon. The truth is that:

(a) Yes, your talking point is really stupid. But, more importantly,
(b) YOU are really stupid.

If you really want to put Obama's rhetorical capabilities up against GW Bush's, then you, sir, are playing a sucker's game. Because that's a little like pitting a Poet Laureate against the likes of Larry The Cable Guy. And I trust you know who is who in this equation.

Your ability to comprehend what is being said is not the litmus test for veracity, here. Thankfully. The grownups are listening and interacting now. You and the rest of the teabagging crowd have Spongebob reruns available in the den. Scram.

By the way, did you notice how you just admitted that your Teleprompter moment was, indeed, a "talking point"?


Anonymous said...

By the way, did you notice how you just admitted that your Teleprompter moment was, indeed, a "talking point"?

I wrote that ET. Ranger left a post that basically said OK if Bush used a teleprompter then that proves Obama is an idiot because you think Bush is an idiot. Actually your point still stands.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a fucking moron.

et said...

Again with the nuanced debate and meticulously-sourced, finely phrased observations, Anon?

If you're not careful you'll leave yourself no lower place to go.

Anonymous said...

Now that one I did not write. That was the work of Ranger. And it took him 5 days to think it up.

Count;s Best Friend said...


If you still are in love with obama please read this

Anonymous said...

Oh boy The Ranger is my best friend! Anyway what's wrong Ranger were there no links to nutmax available?

et said...

I wondered how long it would be before the "you love Obama" and "you think Obama's the Messiah" bit would be trotted around the ring for our amusement.

The Count's Best Friend seems not to have noticed that the only places such a crazy hypothesis is being advanced are the many right-wing echo chambers accusing Obama supporters of being some sort of cult.

Because, you know, cults always spring up around individuals who can discuss issues in serious, informed and nuanced terms, in words larger than two syllables. Never around fanatical, knee-jerk ideologues.

Your posts would be much more interesting if you had more than one crayon in your box, CBF. And I think even that one is snapped in two by now.

Anonymous said...


It appears that you are quite happy with Obama's performance after a year?

Why might I ask would you be happy with this President?

You must be a complete dumb ass, or you are too brainwashed to realize he has done NOTHING!

et said...

Oh, Anon, I'm cut to the quick. Truly. Someone pass me the smelling salts - the resident troll thinks he's successfully yanked my chain!

Hardly, pal. Hardly. Hell, I doubt the likes of you can even find it.

Leave off playing this cult card, already. Yeah, I voted for Obama, but that doesn't mean I'm some kind of Jonas-Brothers-screaming-tween-fan of everything he does. I think he's making a huge blunder in Afghanistan, for instance, pouring more US troops into a country which is an artificial national construction at best and which is known as the "graveyard of empires" for reasons already amply demonstrated by the British and then the Russians. Some of his staff picks have been less than inspiring. And his leaving of the health care issue almost solely to the legislative branch, without more aggressive - and, importantly, public - championing from the West Wing, is disappointing, and yielding what I would call at best lackluster results.

That said, to say he has done nothing is absurd. His commitment to diplomacy has already vastly improved the global standing of the US, such that the nation's reputation is no longer that of some swaggering cowboy loner/bully. That's a huge shift given the disrepute into which GWB and Company dragged us.

Now, I'm sure a lot of what he's accomplished, YOU would look upon as detrimental. Reversing policies that hampered stem cell research and restricted or completely cut off funding to overseas organizations promoting family planning. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. "Cash for Clunkers," a two-fer benefitting the environment and a core American industry alike. Our first Hispanic SCOTUS.

On a softer note, don't you think it's refreshing to have the WH occupied by a family with truly healthy "family values"; that models healthy behaviors like eating locally-grown food; that routinely opens up the People's House to cultural events that go beyond the Toby Keith boy-howdy vibe; and that, so far, doesn't seem on track to spend more than 1/8 of its administration ON VACATION, a la GWB?

Wait. Why am I asking? Of course YOU don't think that's refreshing at all.

I guess you prefer the GOP congressional minority's many un-fleshed-out proposals and their budget ideas significantly lacking in, you know, numbers?

And now you're down to half a crayon.

Anonymous said...

Should I start to just erase his posts?

Anonymous said...

Bye-bye. Really you have no friends not here not anywhere.

et said...

Let me guess, Count - he had nothing to say, and what he did try to say, he said ineptly?

That would be our Ranger to a T.

Anonymous said...

Well first he insulted you. Then he tried to bait me by talking about my dad. Then he insulted me.

et said...

I can only consent to feel insulted by someone I respect. Therefore it is categorically impossible to be insulted by Ranger. But thanks for sparing everyone his drivel.

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