Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Version Of The Christmas Carol

Went and saw it today. The Good news is that it's a good Well made, very well made movie and technically there are few complaints but somehow the story gets lost and sometimes buried deep in an attempt to wow us with what they can do with animation these days. When the selling point is look it's slick and it's in 3D you know the movie may suffer just a little. Now to be sure this was IMHO a good movie. I want to be clear about that but for all it had in it's technical brilliance it somehow lacked a soul. At times especially in that next to last act with the Ghost of Christmas future I found myself wanting less chase scenes and 3D wizardry and more of a story.

You know the story of course, (this is the what 10th million version?) so whether or not you'll like this depends on whether or not you like the story. I happen to love it. In My Opinion this is on par with the 1984 George C. Scott Television movie version and not as good as the 1951 Alistar Sim version which is the best version IMHO.

And about the Kids. I read some where there is some controversy about whether or not it really appropriate for kids. I think once upon a time this would have scared the hell out of most kids but today I am not so sure. I would not recommend taking kids younger than say 6 but that's me. The scenes that may scare little ones are the opening scenes with Marley in a casket, everything with Marley in fact, and the end of the scene with the ghost of Christmas Present. The theater I was at had quite a few kids and none of them seemed to get too scared. The worst I heard was a child say mommy that's scary but they didn't seemed too spooked that's for sure.

Anyway I like it. I liked it a lot but I could have used a little less bloat and I fear for the day when we may go to the theater and watch a Video game. I better stay completely away from Avatar huh?

A Christmas Carol ****/*****

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BTW off topic but I finally have presents and shit under my tree. Just 4 days before we open them on Christmas Eve!

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