Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not even during the winter holidays can Obama catch a break from conservatives

My take on a conservative rooting for President Obama can be found at Jonathan's Corner. Please read and comment, and the Count is more than welcome to cut-and-paste my post onto B&D if he wishes.

Edit From The Count: Good stuff Jonathan I do not agree that saying bad things about our government on December 23rd is some kind of sin akin to saying something bad about a person after their death. I do find this quote from Blankley quite funny though...

Taking stock this second Christmas after the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, as a conservative Republican (with growing tea-party tendencies) I'm filled with a thrilling, unexpected hopefulness that the president may be well on his way to losing his battle for the hearts and minds of the American people -- tempered by a shocked disbelief that so much long-term damage could have been perpetrated on the American economy, national security and way of life in just 11 months of ill-judged governance.

I remember when uttering such a statement made you an unpatriotic American. He's your President dammit! even if you disagree with him you can't say anything against him? Remember that? I think it was all the way back in 2007, Blankley's (perfect name BTW) real problem is there is a Black man is the most powerful man in the world setting policy on his racist White ass. That's why he feels teabagger tendencies more and more. Of course I have long suspected he was teabaging Newt.

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