Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, shut it Perry!

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas: Al Gore has "gone to hell."

"Did you get religion? Did he get religion?" a man in the crowd asked. "What has happened since then?" The Republican governor used to be a Democrat; he worked for Gore's presidential campaign in 1988.

"I certainly got religion," Perry said. "I think he's gone to hell."

I say: up yours, dickhead.

First, and foremost, I know this is just a stunt to win brownie points with his base, but I detest the immature, bully-boy tactics right-wing a-holes like Rick Perry use. I wish politicians wouldn't talk down to us like we're fucking children, but this is America, we're not that bright to connect the dots, so shit has to be broken down for us to understand.


Anonymous said...

These people keep spouting about religion yet they haven't a clue about how it works.

et said...

The guy should secede already...and I have a long list of those he can recruit to his newly-minted "nation."

Anonymous said...

But ET Texas is #2 in the BCS
(thanks to the Big XII) and playing for the national title if they seceded they would have to drop Football. Of course they are playing Alabama a state I am sure wants to secede as bad or worse than Texas does.

et said...

Oh, no worries, Count - I'd support asylum in the US for anyone who still wanted to participate in a sport other than Brush Clearing or Competitive Pretzel-Eating.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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