Sunday, December 27, 2009

NFL Week 16 Comments & Thoughts

Since my Chargers have wrapped up the no.2 seed on x-mas night (and in convincing fashion), I can finally watch Week 16 without yelling at my HDTV. Good feeling.

* the AFC picture is still murky, but the remaining seeds are set in stone: Indianapolis and San Diego have by weeks thought the Wild-Card Weekend (the Colts have home-field advantage for the rest of the playoffs); New England beats Jacksonville 35-7, wrapping up the AFC East; and Cincinnati wins against Kansas City 17-10, they claim the AFC North. The last loose ends to be taken care of are the remaining Wild-Card slots, and the 3rd and 4th seeds.

*Speaking of Wild Card spots: the Jaguars and Dolphins are both out thanks to those losses today, meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers stay alive by beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-20. Gotta give Big Ben credit: just when we thought the Steel Curtain had all but fallen against Cleveland, they get their shit together and stringed together a set of wins that signify, to me, the Chargers aren't the only dangerous team to look out for, should the Steelers get in.

Late Edit: More thoughts:

* The New York Jets beat the unbeaten Colts. Wait a minute, what the f@^k!?

* The Saints also lost again as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It's one thing to lose against a desperate team trying to stay alive in the postseason hunt. What does it say when you lose to a team with nothing to lose (and a team that's 2-12 on the season no less)?

* If there was a playoff-hopeful team that doesn't deserve to be in the postseason, it's the New York Giants. If you're a fan and you watched that monstrosity of a game, you have my sympathies. No heart and sure as hell demonstrated no pride for the fact that this was their last game at Giants stadium. As a result, the G-men get trounced by Carolina 41-9.

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Anonymous said...

Indianapolis' decision to pull their starters will come back to bite them in the ass. They played half a game today they won't play next week then they'll get a week off. They will rue this decision.

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