Thursday, December 3, 2009

Palin is now a "Birther:" Or Hypocrite...Opportunist, Part III

I've resisted temptation to use this term to describe former Governor of Alaska and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, even when she used her own Down Syndrome son to politicize Obama's health care plan, but after today's revelation that she has now joined the 'birther' club, I feel that this title is actually appropriate.

Sarah Palin is a cold, calculating, opportunistic bitch. There's no way in hell she believes the "birther" movement nonsense, but if it's one more tool she can use to discredit her opponent and fire up her ignorant base of uneducated Southern rednecks, then the ends justify the means in her world.

Sarah Palin is the embodiment that I have become to truly loathe about the GOP: she, like the party, are true cynics; Palin knows better than to spout off the death pannels BS or to support the conspiracy theory that President Obama isn't a natural-born citizen. But she, like the GOP, knows that their base doesn't know any better, or are just plain stupid, so they create this false boogeyman to scare and create resentment, or stir up deep-seed misgiving against other minorities to get their base to come out in waves. It's political opportunism in its ugliest form, and it shows the darker angels in the human condition where a person can show very little respect or display an ounce of humility for their opponent; they only see them as a threat that must be swiftly and quickly neutralized.

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Anonymous said...

And guess what? She reads her speeches of teleprompters.

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