Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the AFC West Champions

For the fourth year in a row.

SAN DIEGO — Thanks to the help of others, a playoff berth came easy to the Chargers on Sunday. Effortlessly, even. Their fifth AFC West Division title in six years wasn't so simple, no thanks to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Pushed to the limit by the Bengals, the Chargers needed a picture-perfect 52-yard field goal by Nate Kaeding with just three seconds remaining for their ninth straight victory, a 27-24 triumph that ultimately delivered another division crown to the Chargers (11-3). Only moments later, the Oakland Raiders sealed an upset victory over the Denver Broncos, meaning the Chargers were three games up on the Broncos with two games to go in the regular season.

If you're keeping score, it's San Diego's fourth consecutive title since Philip Rivers assumed the QB position after releasing Drew Brees to the New Orleans Saints in 2006, the third under Norv Turner, and their fifth title in six years (2004, 2006-2009).


Anonymous said...

Didn't you clinch even before you won?

Jonathan said...

We clinched a playoff berth before we began play. The Jags lost to the Colts on Thurs., and the Dolphins and Jet's both lost early in the day. San Diego won the AFC West crown with a win today, and a Broncos loss to Oakland (by JaMarcus Russel, no less!)

Anonymous said...

Oh man Brett Farve is really laying an egg tonight. Uber Nippy is really going to be hitting the bottle hard.

Anonymous said...

He's actually bragging that they made the playoffs. fucking Hilarius.

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