Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mark Mangino Officially Out At Kansas

One of the coaches you would have thought at the beginning of the year was as safe as a coach could be has reached a financial settlement to resign tonight. Kansas started 5-0 and was ranked 15th in the country then came a 7 game losing streak and stories of abusive behavior by Mangino towards his players and other people around Campus. Several ex players and campus employees came forward to tell their tales of verbal and physical abuse.

There is another factor at play. Kansas was trying to raise $34 million dollars for luxury boxes and many in the Kansas athletic department felt that the obese Mangino was not the best representative of the university. 2 years ago Mangino took the Jayhawks to an Orange Bowl Victory which capped a 12-1 season the best in KU history. Many felt at the time Mangino would have gotten a better job offer if not for the fact that he weighed between 450 and 500 pounds. This is an issue that goes beyond football like it or not you have a much harder time finding and keeping employment if you are obese.

Mangino needs to take at least a year off lose some weight maybe take some classes on people skills. No doubt in my mind that he could find another job quite easily if he did those things.

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Anonymous said...

I'm Obese have anger issues and I am out of work too

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