Monday, August 3, 2009

What Happens To Music Fads?

One Thing I have always wondered. How can act get hot sell millions of Records or CD's and six months later Nobody owns a copy of it. When I was a kid A bunch of hacks called the Village People wearing costumes like an Indian, a cop etc danced around like fools and sang about the YMCA. thing sold 18 trillion records. Do you know anybody who owns or owned one? What about Convoy? shit that thing even gave us a shitty movie. When I was in H.S. there was New Kids on the block and Vanilla Ice...sold millions. a year later...Pumping gas in Jersey and do you know ANYBODY who bought their music? No. Cause if they did they got rid of it and they damn sure won't admit it. Same thing goes for Hannah Cyrus' old man and more than likely before too long Hannah Cyrus. I am always amazed when a fad sells millions then 6 months later nobody has ever bought their work.


Jonathan said...

You forgot to add the Jonas Brothers to that list. Sorry for anyone who likes 'em, but they're just a flash in the pan. Kinda like boy-bands of the 90's, the Simpson sisters, Pokemon, etc.

Anonymous said...

There will always be flashes in the pans. I just want to know what happened to all of the music they sold.

et said...

Personally, I think that fads get consigned to the back of the closet or shelf or storage unit - anyplace that you never have to admit to having been a participant in said fad - and then finally make their way to Goodwill or some such destination.

Except maybe for Pet Rocks. They can be readily disguised in one's garden as. Well, you know. Rocks.

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