Friday, August 21, 2009

Jer's Lean, Mean Deletin' Machine!

Further to the news earlier this week that Jeremiah is now sticking his fingers in his ears and singing "la-la-la-I-can't-hear you" whenever someone who disagrees with him - pretty much his only visitors - posts on one of his screeds. The magic of screen capture brings you a couple examples of posts that he seems to have found too heretical for prime time recently.

"Anonymous" observes that Jeremiah has, as usual, missed a key point:

And, hey presto!, the following day the offending language is gone, so "Anonymous" apparently tries again:

Stopping back in today, of course, the second "Anonymous" comment has also been axed.

Now, I would suggest to the gentle readers of this blog that it might be mildly entertaining if when, in our travels through the Internet, we encountered a moment of boredom, we take the time to pop in on poor, lonely Jeremiah and post the word "voluntary" on a half dozen or so of his threads...but we don't really want to give him the hits or the bragging rights. So let's just leave him to his own devices and the voices in his head, safe in the knowledge that his avoidance of fact has been documented here for all blog-time.


Anonymous said...

And his anon poster don't even call him pussy or some racial slur like ours do.

Jonathan said...

Looks like jeremiah's deleted your post again, anon ... I mean, ET. :)

et said...

Always happy to see the wingnuts offer repeated examples of their own cowardice, JP!

Anonymous said...


at the risk of plagiarizing RALPH...

Jeremiah has just enabled comment moderation.

Ever so scared is he.

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