Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mark Koldys Supports Pedophilia

Those of you Newshounds regulars know that one of Mark Koldys main supporters a low life named Houndwatcher/blackflon is an admitted and proud pedophile. So I asked Mark on twitter very nicely why he allows such a lowlife to post on is blog.

CountIstvan @johnnydollar01 Mark why do you allow people to post on your blog who are admitted pedophiles? I can show you the quotes if you would like.

johnnydollar01 @CountIstvan I'd look at your evidence if 1 you could prove it was the same person, B you could prove that the mods didn't alter his msg... about 4 hours ago from Tweetie

johnnydollar01 @CountIstvan ...III. If there was reason to listen to someone who's attacked me w/lies and vulgarities. Even if U satisfy 1 & B, III stands.

@CountIstvan Sorry to have doubted you. Just because there's no proof those are blackflon's posts, and just because..

@CountIstvan and just because none of those posts admits pedophilia, and just because that means you lied to foolish to doubt you!

CountIstvanAnd there you have it. @johnnydollar01 supports pedophiles. keep your kids away from Mark Koldys. people.


Anonymous said...

Johnny $ has 2 followers. Houndy And Cecilia. Cecilia uses a personal photo for her avatar.

Anonymous said...

Post your real name Count jack off. Why you hiding Count GAYBEE.? How's Bellevue?

Anonymous said...

3 years and THAT is what they come with. Oh dear. Anyway Bellevue is fine I ate dinner there tonight. As for My real name It's Robert Peters.

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