Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Latest GOP lie/scaretactic: the VA's encouraging vets to kill themselves!

This morning on Fox & Friends, GOP Chairman Michael Steel trotted out the newest scare tactic in killing health care reform: The Veteran's Association are encouraging the very people they're serving, to kill themselves.

This would be equally disturbing and frightening...you know, if it were actually true.

Somehow, I doubt the truth about this latest web of lies means jack shit to Steel. To the Republicans, its about protecting a morally bankrupt system which is about sucking every dollar that an average American family or individual has in their pockets. Exactly how can these people look themselves in the mirror everyday with a straight face?


Anonymous said...

Conservatives are desperate. Did you see the woman crying in the town hall today? This douchebag Coburn gives this completely have assed answer and the goddamn robots applauded it. They are not the real America.

RalphyFan said...

Coburn's response was completely beyond the pale. Like your "neighbors" are going to remotely have a clue how to get your bedridden spouse to accept nutrition from a feeding tube, any more than you are. He might as well have "pulled a Bachmann" and advocated for "prayer and fasting" as an alternative to decent, responsive health care.

Hell, that would probably have gotten MORE applause.

As someone who now lives in a system where I don't have to worry about my financial ability, or that of my family, to see a physician when any of us feel unwell, I find it utterly shameful that the country of my birth, which casts so long a shadow across the industrialized world, is alone among those nations in denying a whole swath of its population the basics of health care. It's like we're re-living the darkest days of extreme Puritanism, when the "Elect" received their wealth and status because it was somehow God's will that they enjoy their privileged position, and any who fell outside its bounds were somehow tainted and equally deserving of their ill fortune.

Some Shining City On A Hill this is...just look at the slums in its shadows and try to remotely justify to me that U.S. health care is the Best In The World. Is it, my ass.

Anonymous said...

Have? Half Half Half Half!

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