Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh Yeah I Am Back.

Had a nice two days in Sioux Falls. They put me in a very nice motel room gave me a large expense allowance which meant that the Contessa and I could eat at a restaurant that was usually well out of our price range. Then they told me they were sorry but the vacation to Virginia I was going on next month that they had approved not once, not twice, but thrice has been disapproved. Which is nice. I already have rooms and a Kennel for my pets booked. I already had to pay for two nights I won't be using. Hopefully all other motels will refund me. If not I will be reimbursed. If you're wondering if I blew up and quit of course I did. But I was talked down. Another fun filled 2 day Fall vacation spent at Masqwacki casino. Next year I am taking a much nicer vacation. We are already planning it and it has been approved "In writing" If they renege this time it will be my I just quit my job vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Actually feeling a bit depressed tonight which I haven't felt in ages. Better call it a night.

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