Monday, August 10, 2009

Rightwingers Are Tired Of Bending Over Now That Bush Is Out Of Office

"Republican thuggery?" Ellen, this is a new low even for you! These "protests" come nowhere near what the left has been doing all these years. These are middle age, older Americans voicing their opinions.

But I keep forgetting, you are only for free speech when it comes to the left. How about the democrat that spoke up? On, well, I'm sure in your eyes, he was lying too.

Finally, the silent right is tired of bending over, and you are running scared!

Gotta love it.

What about DEMOCRAT(sic, MoD) thuggery? SEIU, ACORN, and Obama supporters have violently attacked anyone who doesn't agree with them.

There's plenty of examples of left wing thuggery. The shouting down of the minutemen, ACORN disrupting meetings, conservative speakers getting shouted down and even attacked with pies. This list goes on. Now you whiners are whining about the conservatives. What's going on at these town hall meetings is not un-American. By your standards it's un-American if conservatives do it.

Can't half it only one way.

Rich S | 08.10.09 - 11:33 am | #

Rich, you are calling the MSM right wing? That's rich!

Wow, where did you hear about all this?

Too much time on DailyKOS and Huffington? If you believe what you wrote, someone's been pulling your chain, Bud.


et said...

The "silent right," eh? Now I've heard everything.

Anonymous said...

By the way If you've ever tried to cut something you can in fact Half it both ways.

et said...

Indeed, Count, I believe that is by definition what happens when you HALF it both ways.

**sigh** Get a brain, Morans.

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